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"Critics are saying that some of the testimonials are transphobic"

So we have "critics" "reviewing" our testimonials now?

"I was surprised when the woman in the dating app was actually a dude catfishing me and then when I said no he was violent"

"The narrative starts off well but then uses some clichés and immediately loses interest. I couldn't connect with her story, and found that it has transphobic undertones. Readable but forgettable - 3 stars."

This a really important point that I didn't even think about. You're so right: what the ACTUAL fuck.

To these "critics," if they exist - shut the fuck up. No one asked you.

This is actually really disturbing. Does Twitter do this for ANY other issues? For the life of me, I will NEVER understand why they've thrown their money behind Yaniv and crowd instead of an actual normal user base.

I don't know if they do this with other issues, but they've done this a lot with this issue. It IS disturbing.

New world order transhumanism is their end goal. Transgenderism is the perfect primer and propellant for this.

Part of a long, slow, insidious, evil genius ploy to eventually normalize pedophilia as well as totally erase fundamental definitions of what a human is, right on time for a transhumanism takeover. They plan this shit out decades in advance.

Orrrrrrr it’s trending because this has been quietly discussed for years and it’s finally getting noticed. Twitter is pathetic

Tech bros gotta tech bro with the other AGPs, I guess.

and yet they still cry about twanzphobia on Twitter every single day. Uh, it caters to you constantly, maybe it’s just that people are sick of your shit? Good luck in your war on material reality

If they give a shit about methodology they should really start with the bullshit trans suicide survey.

No surprise considering the employee demographics at TwitTIM