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It's very rare to pass. Even those who "do" still have tells. You're going against everything your body was naturally meant to do. If that isn't a futile struggle I don't know what is.

Self acceptance - as you are - is the key to that unhappiness, not just for "being trans", but everything else. Unfortunately all these people are trapped in the thinking that hormones will help, surgeries will help, I need to buy this, try that, take this, do that... They're fixated with fixing something that never needed it. The mindset is similar to someone struggling with body image issues, whether it's ED, or obsession with plastic surgery or makeup.

It's okay to be unhappy with what you look like. No one is designer material, no one is perfect. No one likes all of their body. Your one body is all you have, so take care of it.

I wish all people struggling with dysphoria / dysmorphia peace.