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I just took the test and got 88.33% masculine, 37.5% feminine; how do I change my username to Dave?

/Spoiler alert, the test is more of an "emotional or logical person" test than a gender test; not even any mention of gender before the answers are revealed. Though, of course, the chart at the end needed to be gendered to be accurate. Gotta love how it's okay for trans people to gender quizzes/personality traits, yet referring to menstruation as a female issue is pointlessly gendering.

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I am also a man. Because that test is entirely based on sexist stereotypes. Any human being that isn’t an MRA caricature of a woman would be mostly male.

Ha, I'm a woman but just barely, apparently — 46.67% masculine, 51.25% feminine. Do I have to go all the way to 50% before I can be nonbinary uwu, stunning and brave and so on? /s

(Also, "are you modest?" seems like it would be a trick question)

Oh snap! My gender coordinates are 63.33% masculine, 75% feminine, which places me in the androgynous quadrant. Now I'm beginning to questions everything I ever understood about myself.


Why are feminine and masculine in the corners? I looked up two of the referenced studies, and the dimensions are supposed to be communality and agency, in reference to oneself and others? I don't really get it. These are studies on gender stereotypes though, and actually quite interesting. One says for example that: "women’s femininity scores have decreased significantly between 1993 and 2012." (Then gone up again with the transgender push?) But I don't think the studies were intended to suggest to children to get chemically sterilized and surgically mutilated.


Imagine seeing evidence that gender is bullshit, and instead of deciding you'll have no part of it and embrace yourself as a complex human with a personality, you instead go "no this means gender is real".

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I like pink, puppies, baseball, and a nice big juicy steak. I must be non-binary!

Yep. If you liked pink, kittens, ballet, and only light meat chicken or turkey, you'd be a girl.

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I think I'm finally starting to understand this whole gender thing. Landing in blue, yellow, or white means I should chop my breasts off, right?

then I don't know what does

how about, nothing.

If not convinced by a dumb online test of stereotypes, you are free to have a personality.

If you find that you're too undifferentiated in this economy, you may fail to capture market share and return poor profit to your shareholders. Rebranding may be required.

I'd like to see some examples of extremely undifferentiated people

Dang, if a random result from a random online quiz that thinks having normal human traits that the vast majority of people have makes you "masculine" is all it takes for you to have a breakdown over how you view yourself, believing you're no longer a woman because you have normal human qualities, then I honestly feel sorry for you. We truly live in clown world.

Well one thing is for sure, whomever invented this test failed math! 🙄

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