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They can exist as the heterosexual men they are, in some other place where men belong. Which means they will never - can never - belong in lesbian community. They are men, no matter how they "feel" or "identify". No matter what they do, or don't do, to their bodies. No matter what they wear. Men are not, and can never be, lesbians. Lesbians are women who are ONLY attracted - only capable of being attracted - to other women.

Lesbians don't reject these men because they are "trans". Lesbians will forever reject them because these men are....men. So they will never - can never - exist in lesbian community. And we will never stop saying it. Lesbians will never want you. You can never be one of us.

No, I will not stop saying that. Transwo MEN are MEN, and men can't be a part of the LESBIAN community, which barely exists anymore anyway since men are making a concerted effort to destroy it. Just what community does he even want to a part of, exactly? The only "lesbian communities" left and secret underground ones, or the ones that like 80% men LARPing as lesbians. HE's free to join the latter, I guess.

No lesbian enthusiastically dates a TIM. Well, no lesbian dates TIMs at all.

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I like how they point out they don't want to be rapey - only want "enthusiastic" people, setting the bar super fucking low there. Good, you're not rapey, still a whole ass man that doesn't belong with lesbians. But alas, it's all about them and their need for validation over other people's boundaries.

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Any community with people enthusiastically willing to date men is by definition not the lesbian community.

I'm going to come right out and say it: TIMs shouldn't "exist" within the lesbian community. They're not lesbians.

That doesn't mean they should die, it just means they need to stop inserting themselves into spheres where they don't belong. All-lesbian spaces would be one such sphere.

Other people that shouldn't "exist" within the lesbian community:

  • straight women

  • gay men

  • other straight men who aren't TIMs

All of these people should still exist. Just not IN the lesbian community.

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Always lying that lesbians want them to "not exist" and that they're "not allowed to exist". Manipulatively redefining existence to mean invasion.

It's a very teenage sort of response isn't it. "YOU WISH I WAS DEAD! YOU LITERALLY DON'T WANT ME TO EXIST!" in response to a comment about some jeans being maybe a bit tight.

Then they use this lie to justify the usage of “holocaust” to describe people disagreeing with their community. They’re even more dramatic than teenagers because they have a little more experience with words and hyperbole.

"Leave and stay out."

"OMG you don't want us to EXIST! You want to wipe out trans people! It's a genocide and holocaust!"