I mean, setting aside all the other problems with this: money is stopping me you bougie weirdos.

But if you told a TIM to change his gender for 5 minutes and go to the men's bathroom, that would be literal violence.

Well, making myself look like a lizard in Skyrim doesn't come with a serious risk of infection and death.

I wonder how many trans people have issues with identity fraud (like being accused of it)

We have cosplay conventions, halloween and similar events for that. And everyone can do this stuff in private. It's fun. But it stops being fun when...well, you know the rest.

Broken bodies (that includes the mind) and broken boundaries.

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A lot of day dreaming going on for supposedly woke people.

Lop off your arm and stick a chainsaw on it, if you're just like a video game character and nothing is real. Let's see how that works out. Hmm?

Unhappy people really love spreading their misery to others, don't they? "I can't be happy in the normal way, but seeing you confused and upset gives me a sick kind of glee." That's all I see whenever somebody mentions how nothing matters because 'reality is subjective' and there are multiple versions of the truth (your truth, my truth, her truth...).

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