I'm trying to make this logic fit around the Netflix protests... halp...

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 7 points

So he's basically saying that ... The point of big tech is to enforce trans politics... ?

Okay.... Er .... Oh boy.

Heh, note the condescending tone. Probably a techbro male who codes.

Anyone with a basic understanding of intersectionality knows where the term actually came from and how white men in dresses stole it from a black woman.

Dude thinks he's trolling, but if big tech was ever actually regulated in any kind of meaningful way the odds he would have spent his youth stewing his brain in porn and shit holes like Reddit and 4chan would be much, much lower.

The most oppressed minority in the world is also so over-represented in one of the most powerful sectors in the world that attempting to regulate that sector is oppressive?

[–] BlackCirce [OP] enby jinping 29 points

The internet is trans and so it must be allowed to do what it wants 😭

Lord would these people just upload themselves to the metaverse already and leave the rest of us alone?

That's hilarious, considering it's an incredibly progressive position to want to break up big tech (I believe this is something Bernie has voiced a desire to do before). It would be hilarious if that's something Dems attempted to do and TIMs cried "transphobia!" Would that be enough to peak more of my blinded progressive brothers and sisters, I wonder?

[–] lucrecia 16 points Edited

I laughed quite a bit.

Edit: this is the one tweet that's equally funny whether you're a transactivist or a feminist.

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