Nonbinary is for those who want onto the bandwagon, but can't or won't risk being "trans".

Safe, woke, cutting edge, and mind-fuckingly stupid.

Of course they always existed, but they used to be called normal people. Nobody is perfectly binary, nobody is a walking stereotype, but these people need to feel special by putting everyone else in a box.

Ah yes, wonderful places hat have 3rd genders like Albania! Were if a woman wants to basically be treated like a human being she has to take a vow of chastity and live as a man. I don't know about you, but I am glad that women don't have to be sworn virgins here. Or in India where homosexuality is illegal, and very feminine men are kicked out of being men and forced to live on the streets. I am glad men like Randy Rainbow can be the men they are and live happy lives. In Thailand,it is the same deal. No one picks these roles, and they are very much dictated by society.

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or have a meltdown when I read this crap.

Sacrifices? What sacrifices? Frying their hair so they can dye it blue????

hey now, I fried my hair trying to bleach a Cruella DeVille streak into it.

🥱 I've seen the rise and fall in popularity of grunge, goth, emo... I'll see this one fade away, too. But please, tell me how you're not like the other non-conformists.

Nothing against grunge or goth. I just remember when it was popular, especially with a certain impressionable age group. I was not immune to the call of black lipstick.

I was the right age for the emo trend (even though, thankfully, I never jumped on the bandwagon), and I remember thinking that it was impossible to get to a more whiny, insufferable and allergic to criticism fad.

I was soooooooooo wrong.

They really do need to top the previous generation. Just wait for the next trend 😬

Yeah, I am quite horrified at the thought already.

Let' s hope we have anoher "grunge"-type era in which everyone is so tired of the excesses of the previous generation that they decide to make low key trendy. I am not optimistic, but 🤞!

Nonbinary is the biggest crock of shit ever.

A fucking manufactured, consumerist and narcissistic bunch of bullshit.

Seriously. Even standard trans ideology makes more sense than that, which is saying something considering how nonsensical that is.

Even the TIMs make fun of the enbies. Granted, it's usually because the enbies are female and TIMs are misogynistic, but still.

The stonewall podcast episode about non-binary peaked me over and over and over. I reached peaked peaking and peaked again.

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