So if someone wants to make a stealth feminist sub, she should call it 'trans$whatever', because they have too many to check...

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There's a good number of more "lesbian" subs with the same treatment, like lesbiangamers and asklesbians. 2XChromosomes is like all trans now too, if that wasn't on there.

Lol'd at T4T only having 5k members.

All these trans subs, but hey lesbians have all these:

There are probably quite a bit more that don't have trans in the title or description. I've noticed that many subs based around a particular topic are ironically named or don't have what you would think to be a typical name.

Yes, exactly what I was thinking, which is why I think this is just a minimum count.

it seems they fight a bit among themselves, and splinter off into a new group to "feel safe".


Yes, I noticed a lot fo 'redundant' subs that purport to serve the same purpose. They are eating themselves. lol!

I was curious after seeing a post from yet another trans subreddit I didn't know existed, and I thought back to how many times I and many of you have wondered, "how many subs do these people need, while we women aren't allowed to have even one?"

So, I decided to type 'trans' into the search bar on reddit and see what came up. I got trans and trans-adjacent subs (and some unrelated stuff, RIP transAm fans). I'm sure there are some more trans subs besides this, for example r/eggirl didn't come up in my initial search, I looked that one up separately because I thought it was conspicuously missing, and I happened to know it exists. How many others that didn't come up and I can't search for because I don't know what they are? Another thing I left out of my search were what reddit considers 'NSFW' content, though I'm sure there's plenty of that.

So, counting what I found in my screenshots, and leaving out the adjacent and handmaiden-y subs, I came up with 66 subs. And, given what I wrote above, safe to say that's a minimum. Meanwhile, there are 0 subs that are just for women, and are allowed to exist without male moderation and supervision whilst speaking freely about issues that affect us.

Oh, pardon the silly commentary, I thought I'd have a bit of fun, screenshot taking is a bit tedious.

I enjoyed your silly commentary. I can think of two more that’s not on the list. r/cisparenttranskid and r/salmacian. Don’t look at the second one lol.

Don’t look at the second one lol.

I'm sure there are a lot like this, lol. I'm scared to ask.

The first one you mentioned, without checking, sounds like yet another grooming sub, possibly to either alienate kids from their parents, or to get parents to go along with the religion. I'll check it out later to see.

It’s trans-identified people who want to have both female and male genitalia. Curiosity got the best of me (as usual lol) so I looked at some of those NSFW pictures. The most surprising thing to me is that they manage to find surgeons who’ll do it.

Yes, the second sub is parents of trans kids pressuring each other to go along with the religion. Some of them are full blown TRAs, others are concerned yet “supportive” of their kids identity. It’s pretty sad.

At this point, aren't they all "trans subs"? I mean.

In the sense that there are site-wide rules about worshipping Tims, yes, with perhaps the exception of the rape on tape subs where men who masturbate to female misery are allowed to specify "cis only".