Pffftt. That’s why I saw all of the they/them, she/her and he/him mugs at target 90% off. Cooperations just want to make money. When they see all this gender woo doesn’t sell, they will abandon ship.

Truly thought the post title was a take-down before I read the link. It's unbelievable & so depressing that they call out from the rooftops these things about themselves.

Well, if consumer brands want 50+% of the money (more than half because women are often the deciders of how household money is spent, and on what), then consumer brands are going to want to stop alienating and erasing half the human race pretty soon.

“The solution to your happiness is to buy, buy, buy!”

Trans people should be offended by that bullshit.

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Why would they be? They've consumed an entire ideology predicated on "buying" the body you want via clothing, makeup, pharmaceuticals, and extremely expensive sugeries.

It's pretty insane how so many of them claim to be anti-capitalist when their entire "identity" only exists because of capitalism. My sister is "non binary" and she is the biggest consumer I know. Her entire identity is wrapped around clothes, make up, hair dye, and useless stuff that she definitely doesn't need nor afford. She is behind on rent but spent the money on a new Nintendo switch. She already has the lite version. Anyway, she does all this all while complaining about capitalism. I just don't understand it.. I have been learning to make a whole bunch of items from scratch, going to go to a butchering class, hardly buy anything unless it's second hand, and my husband and I are saving up to buy 20 acres for a homestead. We have grown increasingly anti-capitalist due to its commidification of identity, love, and sex. So many pretend to hate capitalism but really they just hate they arent the billionaires/millionaires.

Amen, sister! I fucking love shoes but you'll never hear me bang on and on about how they're somehow a feminist hobby or how I'm not a mass consumer just like everyone else.

I think it's the sanctimonious self-righteousness of these "anti-consumer" consumers that really irritates the hell out of me. Just own your effing shit like the rest of us.

It’s just transparently obvious the whole thing is based on forming an identity based on what other people tell you to do, isn’t it?

Urgh. Such a pro-capitalism mind set. Look at what these companies have done to the environment, they do not do the right thing b/c it's right.

What stunning and brave self identified communists aligning with corporations because they promote uwu 😂😂 they're such charlatans.

So clearly, we need to be aware, and boycott any product meant for women marketed for "people" or transwomen. "birthing people? not buying your product. Lush and their binders? Not shopping there.

Women only, Woman centered, and boycott anything that smacks of trans shit

Unfortunately there are so many brands that cater to the trans madness. Absolut vodka, eBay, Victoria's secret, proctor and gamble (who own everything literally), target, a bunch of other brands you'd never think of. I'm all for boycotting major corporations but it's harder to avoid this shit than you'd think

You are right. I would not have known 1/2 of those you mentioned. I've only noticed the obvious.

We need a list. (Procter and Gamble is always on it, as is Nestle).

I actually do think that women's rights will depend on major corporations. Because these corporations are in the pocketbooks of politicians. If you go to stonewalls website they actually have a list of corporations and organizations that donate to them and who work under their diversity program. It's pretty extensive.

Where boycotting parent companies is not possible, shooting them an email about specific brands that are marketed in a way that erases or dehumanizes women never hurts. Maybe it doesn't change things over night, but the more and more emails they get the less than can claim "everyone is fine with this" or "we didn't know it was offensive/wrong".

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All companies are saying the same thing (trans rights) so they must be right.

Hot take from the fox killer

Well, first of all, companies are in it for the cash. ONLY. Bottom line is king, they follow and sometimes establish, trends.

But They all face, unequivocally, the same direction?????

I beg to differ. You just don't notice the many thousands of things sold as "women's" products.

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