I identify so much with what Slyvia Plath wrote about the freedom to live fully and meet anyone. ContraPoints just lives in his dank little apartment and navel gazes.

I also remember in the video he got someone to read out the Plath quote in this annoying whiny voice. The contempt is just oozing off him. And it shows how disconnected he is from women. Women read the Plath quote and it resonates with us - we feel for her. Because of our female bodies we can’t move through the world as free beings. And contra comes along and totally shits on it - he’s done all that travelling without fear of being raped stuff and he found it borinnnnngg. He wants to suck dick!

I think it was him reading it, in an even whinier voice than his usual falsetto. He's disgusting.

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Plath: writes about female oppression and her experiences with men, and living in a post WW2 patriarchal society that hates women.


Ugh. I just watched the video to make sure that’s what he said and it’s worse. He says realizing that traveling and living the lifestyle described in the Plath quote, and finding that it wasn’t something he really enjoyed, made him realize he was a woman.

So I got to do all that in my early twenties and what I discovered is I hate sleeping in open fields, I despise the west, and I’d really rather stay inside collecting ceramics and sucking dick. Now I’m not saying that makes me a woman, and I’m not saying that Slyvia Plath was a man because she wanted to slam back brewskis with road crews for reasons that are inconceivable to me. What I am saying is that when I hit my mid-twenties, I realized that I was inhabiting a gender, body, and sexual persona that were drastically wrong for me. And I tried every possible alternative to transitioning before realizing that I had an irrepressible need to become a woman.

Cockrapoints is so insufferable. I’m surprised he didn’t have the camera cut between his “woman self” arguing with his “male self” since his videos primarily revolve around him playing pretend and arguing with himself. His videos should only be considered an educational source if you’re studying strawmanning.

Huh? A woman says "I wish I could could travel, wander around in public, and talk to everyone I meet without putting myself in danger." ContraPoints reads this and concludes "I want to do none of this, so I must be a woman--just like her!" How did he ever get a reputation for being intelligent?

I must be a woman, and SHE must be a man! Tee hee! So where's my dick to suck? taps watch it's Womanly Duty Time!

Are there seriously people who watch him say that stuff and who then nod along like "wow, what a wise and stunning lady that is!" ??? I lost brain cells reading it!

I had an irrepressible need to become a woman.

Mate! What are you talking about?

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There sure are! I have a friend who's been doing a slow fade on me for awhile now, ever since I had the audacity to post that JKR essay to Facebook. She told me that some of her friends would consider me an "unsafe person" so she'd have to be really mindful of who she invited to social gatherings in the future.

She watches Contrapoints and thinks he's a very insightful woman!

She watches Contrapoints and thinks he's a very insightful woman!

But ... how?! I already find the way he moves and talks annoying, I couldn't sit through an entire video.

her friends would consider me an "unsafe person"

Oh no, TerfSedai has opinions :( So dangerous!

I would of blocked her then and there. Painting you with a scarlet letter of bigotry and saying she need to be careful to be seen with you?? Lol.

They do. They all do, I've lost all the female YouTubers I watched to this clown and you can't escape him in there.

The Contra in ContraPoints must stand for contradictory because what he said here makes absolutely no sense. He isn’t a woman because he likes collecting ceramics and sucking dick, but realizing he likes doing those things made him realize he’s actually a woman? Huh? Unless you think collecting ceramics and sucking dick is an inherent quality women and only women have, why would you think having those qualities makes you one too?

Not to mention, plenty of straight women who love men aren't all that wild about sucking dick...

The feminine ideal in an AGP's mind is a pornstar.

I think the contra stands for contraindication because that massive fetish contraindicates anyone should take his opinions seriously.

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Does anyone know what it's actually supposed to be short for? "Contrary?"

I started replying to this and the comment got so long I just made it its own comment, but it's so obvious he equates man with "active and outdoorsy" and woman with "sexual and domestic." He literally proves Sylvia's point that women who achieve things are punished...in this case with mockery, often with sexual violence. He also mocks women achieving intellectually; he has mocked female grad students who don't wear makeup. Quite frankly, even if he were a real woman, the mockery of other women would still be stupid and misogynistic.

ContraPoints' idea of womanhood is the barefoot and pregnant character in The Bell Jar. If he thinks women want that, and therefore wanting it makes him a woman, he has absolutely lost the plot.

Porn addicted man believes women just exist to pleasure men.

And he claims he isn't an incel anymore.

I hate how he is THE voice of women on YouTube right now. He's a whole ass man, his opinion means jack fucking shit.

@ contrapoints - oh, you want to be a woman? Okay then. Shut your fucking mouth. Nobody cares. Your opinion isn't worth half a dime. Go the fuck back into the kitchen where you belong. Stop pestering us REAL thinkers with your vapid, hysterical, superficial mockery of thoughts. You're just a body. You're just a nobody. You just exist for us to use and abuse you. You want to stay inside? Good, that's where your realm is. Women have always wanted to be as small and inconsequential as possible, they've never wanted to matter, God says they want to wither away inside and make us dinner, so you should do exactly that and never open your fucking mouth again unless you're spoken to first.

I hate this man. He's infected every good YouTuber I used to watch. You can even tell they immediately change what they're about and then mention they watch him and it all becomes obvious.

You know what I have literally never, ever heard a woman say? I hate camping and would so much rather just stay inside collecting ceramics and sucking dick. I know women that hate camping(and a shit ton more that love it) But women don't talk like that, no atter how much TIMs think we do. It is so gross how they talk about sex, and i am tired of people pretending that this way of talking is normal.

I also resonate so much of what Sylvia Plath says here. It must be so freeing to just be able to travel and have fun roughing it. Sorry TRAS, but a lot of women DO wish they could have freedom like men do, and don't want to be seen as ornamental instead of useful, it doesn't mean she is really a man.