I can' t read the article now, but I would love to know the objective way in which they have proven that these "non-offending" pedophiles are more empathetic towards children.

Like... what did they do, asked these pedophiles if they cared about children, they said yes, and they trusted their words? I am sure they weren' t lying in the least. πŸ™„

I am also curious about the fact that this alleged superior empathy has a role in preventing them from not offending: if it' s such a powerful emotion, why do these people need further help to restrain themselves from committing crimes like all the pro-pedo brigade keeps saying? If they' re so sensitive and caring towards children, isn' t that enough?

Pedos are highly manipulative. Why couldn't they bullshit their empathy? It makes no sense.


Then again, I assume this "study" was conducted by people who also think that claiming you really feel like a woman makes you a woman without any possibility of lying or being mistaken, so...