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Yeah, that kind of extremely fucked-up thinking is why the German government let male paedophiles raise vulnerable children, with disastrous consequences.

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Do I want to follow the link to that alleged study?

The only way you could arrive at that conclusion would be if you 1. cheated or 2. defined "empathy" as "willingness to let children eat sweets all day long" ... actually, the second one IS cheating, so ... yeah, just cheating.

(Or of course, this person just lies about what the study says. TRAs do that all the time, so ...)

Child molesters have always tried to portray themselves as friends of children, citing all kinds of things they want to do for children that would sound appealing to innocent children and very stupid adults (the same rights adults have! Isn't that cool?) but which are not good for children (... especially the "right" to "consent" to sex with adults...)

Here's the study:

The results indicate evidence for higher general affective empathic resonance to children in pedophilic men but superior cognitive empathy abilities in nonoffending pedophiles only, which may act as a protective factor in the prevention of sexual offending.


I can' t read the article now, but I would love to know the objective way in which they have proven that these "non-offending" pedophiles are more empathetic towards children.

Like... what did they do, asked these pedophiles if they cared about children, they said yes, and they trusted their words? I am sure they weren' t lying in the least. 🙄

I am also curious about the fact that this alleged superior empathy has a role in preventing them from not offending: if it' s such a powerful emotion, why do these people need further help to restrain themselves from committing crimes like all the pro-pedo brigade keeps saying? If they' re so sensitive and caring towards children, isn' t that enough?

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Trying to "own" feminists by using pedos as a shining example is not the hot take you think it is.

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“I’m amusing” you’re a fucking joke, that’s for sure. Dunno how you think “empathy” and “rape” are synonymous.

Apparently there's a study that shows that non-offending pedophiles have high empathy for children (hence why they don't offend), while offending pedophiles convince themselves they have empathy for kids (which makes sense since not only do they rape kids but many of them construct some ridiculous fiction in their minds about how the child is really mature an able to consent and it's a normal give and take relationship and the "kid came on to me" and other bullshit like that). How this person misconstrued that into "pedos care the most about kids" is beyond me.

But do non-offending pedophiles have higher-than-average empathy for children? You'd expect mothers to have high levels of empathy for children on average, too ...

I mean, I guess it is possible to train yourself to empathize more with children if you feel you are at risk of harming them if you don't do that, but ... I only ever read about men doing their utmost to train themselves out of any empathy they might have naturally felt for women and children, and people of other races.

(Seriously, I remember reading a statement by a German neonazi who went to someplace in Africa and socialised with black people, and then made an intentional decision to not keep in touch after returning to Germany because he feared he would grow to feel too much empathy and not agree with the genocidal views his fellow nazis anymore. Most men who train themselves to hate women probably do that unconsciously just because it benefits them, but that guy ... it was really chilling.)

But do non-offending pedophiles have higher-than-average empathy for children? You'd expect mothers to have high levels of empathy for children on average, too …

Yeah, agreed, I'm not really inclined to believe they have the highest empathy of any demographic, Towards children. that makes no sense. I would believe mothers have the highest empathy towards children, and after that maybe women who've never had children or fathers (not sure who would be in second place there).

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“Non offending” or “hasn’t been caught yet”?

Not sure how that's defined, I didn't read the study. I would hope they would control for that. Either way the tweeter is way off, lol.

I'm not sure if this should be flared "trans-pedos" because I don't know if the person who tweeted this is some flavour of tran, enby, or even a TRA (likely a TRA, though, I mean, right?)

Anyway, I found this image and don't know who it is but if anyone recognizes this person as some kind of "activist" for MAPs or TRAs let me know!