The audacity of Prick News never ceases to amaze me. I’m actually impressed by this one. They managed to cover every letter of DARVO in a single headline…

[–] fae 16 points

They already edited it to say "trans rights protest" instead, lmao.

In an unrelated note, isn't it interesting how the main sections in their website are "news/trans/entertainment/lifestyle/shopping" and nobody else in the LGBT gets their own tag, let alone a whole section?

So no mention of the doxing they did. Would penis news be okay with the doxing of tras ? Yeah I thought not. A crime is a damn crime, regardless of how you feel about what the other person believes.

"White House condemns military veteran who exercised his second amendment rights outside Dealey Plaza"

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Got to hand it to them, they went far to fetch this one. That takes perseverance !!

How...the hell? You would think if they had any self awareness they would absolutely condem doxxing someone and "protesting" in front of her house. I honestly don't understand how anyone could possibly not be peaked at this point.

I'm honestly waiting for the JK Rowling reckoning. When she just goes after everyone. It'll be biblical.

I can't wait for the day it all falls apart and people realize what they were supporting. I hope Pink News burns to the ground.