"The desecration of our pride flag just a couple of days [since] Transgender Day of Remembrance, which we mark every 12 months..."

Ok, this is freaking hilarious. First off, it's impossible for any event not to be close to some trans day of somethingorother...there are 18brazillion of them. Second, a couple days after is NOT the same as being on the day. And the idea that they think they have to explain that annual events happen every 12 months...just chef's kiss.

The fact that somebody saw a symbol of kindness, tolerance and pride 

I see it as a symbol of hatred tho, hate for women, gay people and the hate "trans" ppl have for their own bodies

Kindness and tolerance. Uh huh. The people associated with that flag are anything but.

Same. The "progress Pride flag" is the symbol of people who decided that the existing flag that was already inclusive of all didn't specially honour them above others.

Not cool. Nobody should be defacing anyone else's property. If this was to send a message, there are legal ways to get your point across. Having said that, I suspect the culprit will be male and certainly no radical feminist. Probably just a garden variety homophobe.

It's city hall tho, it's not like someone's personal home.

idk, i feel like I'm supposed to comdemn this, to be a ~good~ person but.

Defacing government property is just as bad, at least in my book. What if City Hall flew a suffragette flag and some misogynist defaced it? Same principle. Just because we dislike the message doesn't mean we have the right to take it upon ourselves to destroy it.

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I agree no one should deface anyone's poperty. However the non-bicycle person's comments are rather telling.

Oh yeah, this woman (I'm sure it's a woman, with that name) sounds insufferable.

Hobart councillor Jax Fox, who is non-binary, has lobbied against having the forum held in the council-owned building.

They have worked on new guidelines to prevent similar events being held in Town Hall in future.

"It's been really frustrating for me seeing Hobart City Council sign off on such excellent documents on community values … but [then] say we're still going to let these people who hate you come into this space and say you shouldn't exist, you should de-transition and your identity isn't legitimate."

We don't hate them. We're not saying they shouldn't exist. No one wants to force them to detransition. TRAs interpret anything short of constant praise and adulation as hatred.

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I hope this is the right place to post this.

Also my first archive attempt.

Please note it took 25 minutes to read the names to commemorate all the trams and bender diverse who died for the last year in the World due to violence, fear and hatred. (Edited.)