They need their therapy license revoked. This is cult tactics. If they are in fact a therapist that is, could just be a regular basement dwelling groomer, giving "advice".

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 8 points

"Life coach"

Haha there's always a snake oil salesmen trying to sell you a quick get well/rich/happy schemes. Sadly people fall for it, no shade to them, I've been desperate and low before myself. You'll try anything, that's why it's abhorrent that they'll take advantage of people like this.

Oh I totally agree, doctors should not gatekeep prescription meds and surgery. Why can't I walk into an office and get a never ending supply of Adderall? I also have been feeling like I want the social clout of being a wheelchair bound amputee so I don't see why they can't just cut my legs off. I want the surgery, so I should get it.

[–] crodish 20 points Edited

I literally just interacted with a trans redditor who without a trace of awareness argued that they "needed transition to reach self-actualization" and that "being trans =/= body hate". They really do not see the irony of their belief.

"Your body is wrong and you need to fix it, or you'll kill yourself" is the most insidious lie sold to these vulnerable people. This person should have their license revoked.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 20 points Edited

Wow. That's dramatic. "Condemning trans people to death". Yeah, sorry, dude, we're gonna gatekeep reality. We're also gonna gatekeep our identity and our privacy and if that means you wanna kill yourself maybe seek a therapist yourself, preferably one with actual competences.

That being said, it's not the first time I see people grossly overstep their competence and advise a patient to not listen to the advice of a given specialist. I've seen a cardiologist tell someone to throw their antipsychotics in the garbage.


they are wrong and they are condemning trans people to death.

The line is in italics so the point made must be nuanced and accurate.

Trans people have nearly died because they lied to the doctors, one changed all her medical records to male and didn’t tell the doctor she was actually female after she suffered from kidney failure (no doubt a side effect from the T she was using). She wasted their time as they tried to find ways to help her, and once the doctors found out she was actually female they used a treatment that made her better (including a kidney transplant).

She had the audacity to blame “the lack of trans healthcare” for her predicament when her situation was because she lied.

[–] crodish 5 points Edited

The entire concept of the dictionary is “gatekeeping” as the simple act of defining something, anything, means you are excluding anything that is not that particular thing.

But hey, morons, keep riding that “all gatekeeping is bad” train. It just makes you look incredibly stupid.

Lol aren't they the masters of gatekeeping though? Truly a cut above the rest of us with their manipulation.

I only care when they do this to kids. I have no sympathy for grown ass men who see this advice and think 'yup! great idea! I wanna be womanz so perfect, I'll just lie'. I don't fucking care anymore, I have no sympathy for them. mutilate your body. do it. keep doing it. whine and cry on youtube when you're botched. just leave women and children out of it. I'm sorry, I just don't care about these grown ass adults. I'm the same age as a lot of these people and I didn't fall for it. why are we making excuses for them bc they were 'sold a lie'? we are ALL SOLD THE LIE. I just didn't buy it. they did, because they wanna live in fantasy land. I'm so over it.

For real. My empathy for these adult men have run out. And it's twisted because I still naturally empathize with them more than they ever have with me.

If that's a therapist, I'm the goddamn Empress of the Ostbelgien.

This roleplaying on the interwebs is out of hand.

If this is real and they have minor patients, this is truly evil. It's nothing to do with making patients better, it's about feeling sanctimonious about their delusional virtue and ego. I hope they get sued by detransitioners.

If they are really a therapist, and for my sanity I have my doubts, they need to be named and shamed for this cult bullshit. Already there are next to no safeguards, and they want to barrel through even more of them.

There are many trans people out there who talk about lying to their doctors re: the "unrealistic" narratives that qualify them for HRT, such as gender dysphoria since childhood, physical dysphoria about their bodies, etc. I would say that the absolute majority are fakers.

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