This is something male allies could help with. Some big burly dude should always be available behind the scenes to put on a wig and makeup and say he is a "transwoman" when he comes out to do the pat down with his big old man hands. And get righteously angry if the man larping as a woman objects. Lol.

I know a TSA agent who has a full beard and would probably be willing to do this. Maybe I'll suggest it to him!

If you were a transwoman wouldn't you feel more comfortable with a transwoman anyways?!

He’s getting really obsessed with this post lmao. He forced a Real Woman to touch him but doesn’t want another man to touch him. Real trancel vibes of fucking course


Now, why is it sexual assault when it's done to him, but not when he does it to other people, according to him?

Cuz he’s a privileged white male who has never ever faced an iota of oppression in his life and has been raised as that white male to never ever let a woman talk over him. Run of the mill misogynistic male 💅🏾

"Penis aversion for me, but not for thee". These men really are the whole fucking circus.

He won't stop until every last instance of wrongthink is silenced and every woman forced to obey his male authority.

Hi dude, yes, you're a man.

He was posted on tumblrinaction today too. About to be a lot more mad when he finds that post

He’s reading this cuz he’s an obsessive narcissist who demands Real Women sit down and shut up when he speaks. Here’s the TiA post lol https://www.reddit.com/r/TumblrInAction/comments/r6gpvh/tsa_policy_says_transwomen_are_promised_a_pat/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

[–] VestalVirgin 34 points Edited

That's what I was thinking when this guy who sued beauty salons for not waxing his man parts was on the news.

If I owned such a business, I thought to myself, I would hire a man to man the reception desk and do the bureaucracy and whatnot, and every time a TIM came, I'd hand the male employee a wig and tell the TIM, with a big smile, that we just so happen to be employing a transwoman and how I am sure he will be so happy to be served by someone just like him.

Of course, for a small business, the cost of hiring someone extra just for that would be prohibitive, but if you have employees of both sexes anyway, it's as easy as buying a wig and a lipstick. (Not strictly speaking necessary, but might help if the TIM dares to question the gender identity of the male)

[–] crodish 28 points Edited

Urgh, Yaniv. The "good news" now is that the idiot actually went ahead with SRS since then and got a botched job, last I heard his "clit" rotted and fell off . Normally I'd feel terrible but I'd like to think this was karma

why feel terrible for any of these grown men who have the money women don't have to go and botch their genitals? fuck them dude. idk why anyone would "normally" feel bad for any of these men.

He did? I thought he was just in it for the money and sexual harrassment. So this actually surprises me a bit.

Perhaps now he will have a bit more respect for the women who told him they won't wax his male genitals because they are not qualified to wax male genitals.

He probably wishes the doctors who botched the surgery had refused to do work they're not qualified for, too ... (Though of course, that'd mean no such surgery anymore, period. No surgeon can ever turn a man into a woman or vice versa. )

[–] bellatrixbells Witty flair 10 points

I think he was trolling. I don't believe the picture was actually him. Didn't he just steal it from the botched surgery sub ?

Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with the wig. I'd tell the male employee to tell the guy, "I identify as female." There's no need to transition, right? You can't question someone if they identify a certain way, right? Ok then, congrats man, this "woman" is also "female." You two have fun together. Just employ a man with a good sense of humor about things and the ability to keep a straight face. (Good acting skills to act shocked, hurt, and offended when the TIM protests is optional but desirable.)

I imagined Hannah Mouncey just bursting onto the scene, ready to assist with a woman’s touch. 🌈 V A L I D 🌈

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