Just so you guys know, the day I was diagnosed with PCOS, my gynecologist told me that my testosterone was very high, I was visibly upset by that, and the gyno continued: "dude, high levels for you are like a 7, LOW testosterone levels for men are like a 40" and I immediately understood, seems like TRAs can't wrap their heads around that.

Higher testosterone than most women??? πŸ˜‚

That's literally a potential PCOS symptom by the way. These clowns don't know that women can grow facial hair without hormonal imbalances, because they have NO idea how hormones actually work. I've even argued with some TIFs about it and they told me they weren't going to treat their PCOS because it gave them facial hair and no periods, and I was like ok good luck with that ovarian cancer you stupid fucks.

That is so... insane. How is it possible to talk so much, but exclusively about things you haven't the slightest idea of??

Not only they have no idea how PCOS works and why is really important to keep your estrogen at a healthy level, they were literally bashing the doctor because they thought it was a "transphobic" thing to prescribe to them, and even contemplated the doctors doing it on purpose so they'll stop their transitioning. They're so far up their own asses they don't realize PCOS affects all kinds of women worldwide and that estrogen+progestin is prescribed to EVERYONE with PCOS.

One of them is "allowed" to be a woman, because only one of them is a woman.

Like, duh...

I was about to say, "passing" only applies when you aren't actually the thing. A butch woman is a woman and "passing" isn't even part of the conversation. They're confusing "performing femininity" with womanhood again.

Unlike men, they do look like women, it's just that is hard for you to separate women appearance from patriarchal beauty standards that was forced on women.

This is so very true. We (men) get all sort of status games mixed up with how we perform our masculinity, by down-rating women to try and show what babe magnets we are. I suspect heavy porn use re-enforces this.

What's that about the butch lesbian having higher testosterone than other women?

bEcAuSe iF yOu LiKe short hair and shoulder-cut denim vests instead of pink frilly skirts and hair extensions, it tOtALLy means you have more testosterone. #ciEnSe

They think it's the only way a woman can grow facial hair because they're at that level of stupidity. Women can grow facial hair whatever their testosterone levels are, however, higher levels of testosterone are usually looked into because it often is a sign of PCOS, so not only they're stupid, they're telling you that having more testosterone than estrogen is your body is no biggie.

Utter nonsense. I have higher than usual testosterone and can grow an upsetting amount of facial hair, and that neither makes me look like a man, nor does it turn me into a butch lesbian.

Apparently butch lesbians don't look like women, and have facial hair and higher testosterone than other women? Wtf?

I was confused by this at first because I thought the person labelled "trans" was supposed to be a TIF!

That's normal. Everyone knows that cartoon women have mandatory giant bows on their hair and giant eyelashes.

yeah.. I'm completely confused by who is supposed to be what in this. Is the cis one a cis guy or a cis woman? is the trans one a TIF or... I mean, not a TIM? I have no idea what this is meant to be saying.

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Hey-o, offensive sexist gender roles check!

You gottem, @nyadchild.

Womanhood isn't based on

  • being outwardly feminine (it's a rare fucking day when a woman in flannel can't be identified as a woman)

  • falling within the ideal bell curve on testosterone (though a woman who doesn't has a hormonal disorder and is dealing with a whole load of other symptoms and still wouldn't fall in the male range)

  • wanting to fuck men

  • or being feminine again

I also want to point out the irony that the female is drawn shorter and curvier with a smaller waist. As though there might be features beyond what they've described that separate the bodies of men and women enough that even at their most similar and simplified, they warrant being drawn structurally different

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The difference is that no lesbian could/would ever want the man, which is what all the male "trans" nonsense like this is all about.

We need to keep hammerimg away at the fundamental lie underlying the entire "trans" edifice. It doesn't matter how you feel or identify. It doesn't matter what you do or don't do to your body. It doesn't matter whether you "pass" or not. It doesn't matter what you wear or how you behave. No one can ever change their sex. If you are born male, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that.

That's so funny, they should add one more bullet point to the both of them; one saying "lesbians love her" and another one saying "lesbians hate him" πŸ˜‚

If the women of the world ever stopped shaving, plucking, tweezing, threading, waxing, etc., the men of the world would lose their minds. I've known women with chest hair, neck hair, etc. Hairy as we may be, we are not men.