Trans people aren’t unnatural at all. If I put my dog in a shark costume she’s still a natural dog.

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Male and female hyenas are completely indistinguishable ? To whom ? Can't you tell by their genitals ? And aren't the females usually bigger than the males ?

If the idea is humans can't tell them apart without looking at their genitals... that really doesn't matter. What matters is that the individuals of the species themselves can tell who's male and who's female.

I can't tell male and female cats apart just like that but they seem pretty confident when mating. I don't see male cats accidentally humping other males because they can't tell which ones are females.

What kind of a dumbass argument is that !!

Female hyenas have a pseudopenis. I don't know why, but it makes it hard to identify them without sedating them and examining them closely. I learned this in some book I had to read in high school about the Kalahari desert.

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Oh yeah that's true, I'd forgotten about that.

I suspect hyenas know among themselves know though they might think it's quite funny to confuse the stupid humans—"why are these weird apes always following us around ?!?" Hahah

During the debate for gay marriage back in the early noughties, I was fascinated to read a bunch of books about homosexuality in nature. I had no idea that there are gay giraffes and lesbian grizzly bears. It’s evident that gay animals are performing the same social niche and behaviours. But these examples aren’t analogous to trans at all. For one thing we are a sexually dimorphic species and we can’t change sex. The animals do this naturally but trans people have to get external hormones. How can anyone look at this and think the two phenomena are remotely similar ?

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Birds can fly, bats can fly, winged insects can fly, pterosaurs could fly, so humans are probably flying animals as well.

Well the Bible classes bats as birds, so if this religions says humans are the same as animals that can change sex or have two sexes at once who are we to argue? I mean, look what millennia of doing whatever the Bible told us got us… what could go wrong, right?

LOL, every single one of those animals displays those physical features without artificial intervention, whereas trans people can only show their "sexual non-conformity" (ugh) through human inventions, be those inventions clothes, make-up, accessories, pronouns or medical treatments. Naturally occurring = natural, artificial/created by humans = not natural.

So yeah, nature' s diversification of sexual characteristics is natural, whatever trans people decide to use to camouflage themselves as the other sex is artificial and not natural.

Exactly! That hyena isn't wearing a binder nor did she go get an affirming haircut. The only people who have any claim to gynandromorphia would be an actual gynandromorphic human, not my wacky uncle at a Halloween party back in 1998.

Do any of these creatures go the hospital to pump themselves full of hormones and chop off their bits?

Didn't think so.

Lol, but are we mushrooms, invertebrates, fish, hyenas, or lobsters? No? Then who TF cares.

The only thing that's even worth looking at is other mammals, and even then, that hyena still has a uterus and produces large gametes. I'm not going to go looking up hyena genitals right now, but I'm willing to make the assumption that female hyenas don't "have a penis" in the same way male hyenas do.

All of this stuff, I used to marvel at when I was a kid. The variety of life and the mechanisms brought about by natural selection is weird, amazing, and spectacular. Never once did it make me question my own body sense. What the hell is the matter with people?

The only reason hyenas are coming up in this comic is that female hyenas have genitalia that look kinda like a penis (elongated as such), that's it. Who cares? It's irrelevant because like you said, they are still female, still carry their young, give birth, produce eggs, and so. And they are if I remember correctly, larger than their males (on average, just like our males are larger than us, on average, or female bonobos are larger than their males, and so on… so yes, most people who know what to look for will be able to tell them apart).

Right?!? I remember the first time I learned about hyenas as a kid and I was shocked, thought it was funny, and then thought it was interesting. Never once did learning that confuse me about biological sex and how reproduction works. It was just, "huh, nature sure can be weird!"

Stole that logic from the gays again, then twisted it so badly that it became incoherent, didnt you? 🤗

And they conveniently leave out describing or depicting the biological reality that humans are sexually dimorphic (as are hyenas, btw, and yes you can tell them apart if you know how), and that the sexes are mutually exclusive to each other (not inclusive, oh no!). Instead they stamp on an asinine, human-created (not stemming from nature) alchemical symbol, as if that proves anything. Alchemy is no more valid that trans bullshit. Alchemy is at least a whole hell of a lot cooler, though.