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*whine* I called a woman and a slur and she blocked me *whine*

Twist: the almost-18 year old knows what JK said and agrees…

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I'm certain the TRA parent made her aware of it by now. The fact she still wants to get it shows she quite possibly might be fed up with the TRA parent.

It's wild that if the 18 year old daughter wanted to cut off her breasts instead of getting a tattoo that these people would be all for it

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Not even 18, if she wanted to destroy her body with testosterone at 10 they would stop at nothing to make it happen.

Imagine turning 18 and having your mom think you're rebelling by getting a tattoo based on a children's book. How do these people not realize they are just rebranded and reskinned Christian fundamentalists?

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They are blinded by their own feelings of moral superiority. They are not like those nasty TERFs. No, they are not one of those.

They should have thought long and hard about those Harry Potter tattoos that they now regret. Did they never even consider the risk that J. K. Rowling might have paid attention in biology class?

If they had thought about it, no doubt they would have arrived at the conclusion that the chance that someone of Rowling's age and life experience knows that sex is real but gender is a social construct is rather high. But thinking isn't something they're very good at, is it?

The fact that a no doubt gender-indoctrinated 18 year old still wants a Harry Potter tattoo gives me hope. Perhaps we have a young Sirius Black here ... rebelling against her family's evil ways, lol.

Ffs they could just tattoo something they approve of over the top.

Jeez. It's not like she wants to get "cumdumpster" tattooed on her lower back.

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They'd probably applaud that as "stunning and brave".

Yeah. I mean, Jaclyn Moore has literal sexual harassment tattooed on his shoulder (if you don't know, think carefully before looking it up).

Tbh, looking up any photos of Jaclyn Moore is ill-advised. 🤢

And lol, his tattoo looks like a typical sexist naked lady tattoo after someone defaced it with a pen while he was drunk.

I always wonder how people exist so normally with a tattoo they hate on their body. If that was me I'd be saving for and paying for sessions of laser tattoo removal to the end of my days until it was gone.

These people are so casual about permanently marking their body with ideas of imperfect people, and I've never understood it.

I would never get a tattoo associated with a person because as we've seen here, many of them can become pathetic TRAs and betray women. JK Rowling was weird to me when she started changing characters after the books were written, and the Cursed Child was a disaster, but she shaped up in the end into someone I love.

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What they all need is to write “I must not tell lies”

Jesus christ if only they were this vigilant about the things that actually matter

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