I cannot comprehend why these menstrual companies are advertising with legit ass men. Where are they going with this?

Yeah, I thought the whole "inclusive menstrual products" thing was about transmen and non binary AFABs. 🤔

Silly woman, everything is about men!

Got it, silly me thinking that menstruators had anything with menstrual products. I will repent by writing TWAW 1000 times and then donating to a transwoman's gofundme so that she can get bimbo boobs.

Semenya is a major investor in the company that makes the Princess D menstrual cup. I believe Semenya invested and got involved in order to perpetuate the con that he is a woman. But since it was revealed to the world in 2019 that Semenya is a male with a male-only DSD - XY 5-ARD - Semenya's cover has been blown and the fraud exposed.

AFAICT, Princess D has now removed Semenya's photos from its packaging and promotional materials. Most of the articles that used to be online featuring Semenya as brand ambassador have been scrubbed from the internet over the past year.

It's just ridiculous. Did you know he had enough Testosterone in his system to grow a small dick. He was having an affair with a married woman, who is now his wife. He use to taunt her ex, by telling him she enjoyed his dick.

I didn't need this information.

That, and he lived as a man in his country only to pose as a woman when he participated in competitive sports.

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Did you know he had enough Testosterone in his system to grow a small dick. He was having an affair with a married woman, who is now his wife. He use to taunt her ex, by telling him she enjoyed his dick.

Can you please link to the sources for your claims that Semenya has a dick and what you've said about his wife? I've researched the Semenya saga and con extensively, but never heard that Violet R was married before, or that Semenya used to taunt Violet's ex in the way you say.

Regardless of the exact configuration of Semenya's urogenital anatomy, Semenya's testes have always produced normal amounts of testosterone for males - enough to grow a normal sized dick, not just a small one. A study done by WA in 2014 revealed that Semenya's T level is in the middle to high end for healthy males of Semenya's age.

But because Semenya has 5-ARD, an enzyme deficiency that that inhibits or entirely prevents T from being converted into its more potent form, DHT, Semenya's genital and urinary anatomy did not develop correctly in utero. The hormone that is responsible for the development of dicks and the rest of the male genitals in utero is DHT, not T.

I’m laughing my ass off. That fact that its not a parody makes it even more hilarious. WHO thought this was a good idea??

Maybe some of you ladies here could help me pick out a jock strap. I've never bought one before, but now that I know there are no sex-specific products, I feel like I need one.

And about my prostate exam -- not keen on anyone reaching up my ass, but, do any Ovarit women have advice for me about getting my prostate exam?

PS I hope this company goes bankrupt, but something tells me Rothblatt Brainwashing Industries would probably bail them out.

Advice from "AFABs" on prostate exams 😂 like that line from Dwight on the Office: "It’s important to go every month and get your prostate checked."

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Thank you to @GenderHeretic for making me aware of this product and this ad. This ad is NOT A PARODY.

"We have evolved from this [a neutral image of a menstrual cup] ---> to this [a picture of a man Caster Semenya (someone who doesn't menstruate)]"

They actually made this ad, and they think it'll sell menstrual products.

Edit link to the ad and the product: https://www.lionessesofafrica.com/blog/startup-story-of-shamila-ramjawan

Just to give credit where it's due: I'm the one who dug up this information on Semenya and posted it on the BodyShop thread, and other threads. Part of my post from the BodyShop thread 8 months ago:

...in a similar vein, South Africa Caster Semenya - an XY person with a male-only DSD (5-ARD), fully-functioning testes and no female organs - is the public face of the Princess D brand of menstrual cups (made by a company Semenya co-owns) as well as a SA initiative promoting menstrual health to school girls.

Semenya's photo is on the packaging and all the promotional materials for Princess D menstrual cups:



Since 2016, Semenya has been visiting schools to distribute menstrual pads & cups to girls.


In May and June 2019, documents released by the IAAF/World Athletics and the Court of Arbitration for sport made it clear that Semenya is a male with a male-only DSD, which means Semenya has never menstruated and never will. Nonetheless, in August 2019 Semenya pledged to carry on being the brand ambassador for Princess D and SA's celebrity spokesperson for menstrual health more generally:


So…. Seeing all of these period products with men now plastered on the packaging and erasing the word woman from their descriptions I have to ask, does anyone know a brand that have consistently upheld women’s identities?

I ask as I am going to remove my IUD soon and I’d like to only give my money to companies that aren’t part of the erasure of women.

O.B. (they make tampons with no plunger insertion devices) has never, from what I can tell, participated in TRA propaganda, and their internal pamphlet still has the words "women" and "girls". As well as relevant diagrams of female anatomy, and no weird "inclusive" language.