Yes, we have lots of important things to do! If men would just leave us to it!

We would much rather shop and try on clothes in dressing rooms without being perved on by a male in a dress.

Time would be better spent improving education instead of demanding schools reverse polices that take away bathrooms for our daughters and allow boys to harass and rape them in school bathrooms.

We'd rather focus on getting the treatment we need instead of complaining when the "female" practitioner we requested shows up with a beard and drag makeup.

Time would be much better spent on training for our sports and knowing the competition is going to be fair and safe for only female participants.

We'd much prefer that female prisoners served their time constructively, using it to get treatment or an education instead of fending off male rapists.

Yes, we have MUCH BETTER THINGS TO DO! There isn't a woman here that doesn't imagine what we could accomplish for all women if we weren't constantly under attack by vile, hateful men!

"Don't women have better things to do than say no to rapey pedos?"

I don't, personally. I look forward with interest to hearing what other, more important concerns take precedence.

I mean, for one, I don't know a single woman who cares about the various impacts of trans/gender ideology who isn't also politically active in a bunch of other ways. Seeing how this ideology is overriding so many things like reproductive rights, safeguarding of children from various forms of abuse, the rights of women and girls in impoverished countries, and even stuff that seems entirely unrelated like workers' rights and anti-war movements seems to be a major driver in the creation of "TERFs" in the first place. The people who don't give a fuck about anything except their own lives and things that directly impact them just end up as the "won't you just be nice, I don't see why you care anyway" types.

And two... So you're saying even if you did believe that children are being permanently damaged and mentally and emotionally stunted, vulnerable women such as prisoners or those escaping abuse are being forced to share intimate space with men who are at best boundary violating fetishists and at worst actual rapists, lesbians are being pressured into sex/dating with men and called bigots if they won't, and that spaces hard fought for by women are being overrun by men who demand women put them and their needs first, even though it has been literally only a few decades since we gained some clear rights that actually allowed women to exist independently of whatever male "owns" them.... And that's not enough to care about?? You didn't need as many words as you spent if that's the case. Just say you're a misogynist and go.

In patriarchy, women must put themselves and their needs last. In patriarchy the best thing for women is to help others, to serve others, take care of others. And any woman who doesn't is seen as dumb, evil selfish etc.
You see this often amongst MRAs "How dare feminist advocate for women when men are suffering!".