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Althought the majority of men are awesome with men

Spoken like someone who is not a woman and doesn't know wtf he's talking about. But he's male, so of course he knows more about women's experiences than we do. Of course he thinks it's, like, two men who are committing 99.9% of all violent crime. Because when people lock their doors at night, it's in fear of women.

Trans women are mentally female

No such thing, you sexist piece of shit.

They entered a woman's restroom desperately not wanting to be noticed

Another lie. They enter a woman's restroom and get off on how uncomfortable it makes us. Then they leer and stare at us, record us with shoe cameras, glare threateningly at us if we look remotely uncomfortable with a large, menacing male in our space, and oh yeah, beat the living shit out of us if we ask them to leave.

It has happened multiple times because it's the majority of "transwomen," not a mere few boogeymen. But again, you know more about our experiences than us. You're a superior man, after all.

Many attempt to leave this world because of the hate

Then get therapy. It is not the entire world's responsibility to coddle your fragile porn-warped brains. It is not women's responsibility. Women don't exist to be your mommy or your therapist, and especially not at our own expense.

I spent years trying to run from being trans

Which shows how mentally ill you are because there is no such thing as being trans. You were born male and you'll always be male. Mutliating yourself won't change that. You do not have a female brain, you have the typical sexist male socialization, though.

There is no such thing as a female brain. Being a woman is not wearing a dress and pigtails and watching My Little Pony. How the fuck is that not sexist?

TERFs view trans people as throwaway people

No, we don't. In fact, all of us have been far nicer to you rapists and perverts than you even remotely deserve. We dont want you to die and we don't view you as subhuman (the way you, ironically, view us). We want you get the fuck out of our spaces, stop raping us and beating us, stop killing us, stop doxing us, and stop harassing lesbians.

Pretty hateful of us, I guess.

No body deserves that when they do no harm

Lol. Now the TIMs and TRAs are insisting they do "no harm," even though they are vandalizing women's shelters, beating women at marches, killing women, destroying women's sports, raping women, harassing women online, doxing us, getting us fired . . . The list goes on and ON.

Delusional, perverted, rapists trying desperately to look sympathetic and frame us as evil, scurrying to protect their crumbling bullshit cult while the world slowly peaks.

Keep trying to make people sympathize with you, but people are waking up. When the gender dumbness blows over, they will go on treating women like shit, but at least they will stop catering to your harmful, sexist, perverted delusions.