In the 19th century, you couldn't throw a rock on a gloomy, windswept landscape without hitting a brooding literary heroine.

Yes but they were all secret men.

They keep telling me that my interests are very "manly"-- walking, wearing pants, not liking to clean, hating high heels. But I feel no need to call myself a man. Hmm. Could be because I'm mentally healthy and I'm not being exploited by a cult? And I'm just a human with diverse likes and dislikes. Wow. So deep.

Welcome to the age of Covid, baby! Taking long, lonely walks is essentially everyone's thing all the time now.

Glad people are pointing out that women like to walk alone, only it's not safe for us! And that is a photo of a young WOMAN, so obviously.

Well, this explains why men think a woman traveling alone wants to be pestered endlessly and sexually harassed. Apparently, wanting to be left the fuck alone in a public space is only a male thing.

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“And brooding” just makes her sound like a sulky teenager. Not impressed.

I thought brooding in this clime just happened to everyone who set foot in Europe