Frankenstein, the story about the med school dropout who played god and created a new lifeform and then promptly abandoned it to be hated and feared by everyone for the way it looks, a great example of trans rep.

I mean. Okay. You said it, not me.

I mean, seriously... the story where the lifeform realised it was wrong and regretted its anger and murderous rage against the world, but where the guy who played God had zero character growth and died without ever understanding what he did wrong... that Frankenstein? Really?

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Yes, and of course Shelley was trans, too. Like every single successful female in history, she was really a TIP. πŸ™„

honestly don't think males are capable of understanding Frankenstein πŸ˜”

True. They have no clue. But then, how often do males understand what women are writing/saying? They would have to freaking listen first.

TRAs love claiming proprietary rights over things and people who can't speak for themselves.

Also, I have to recommend Mary Shelley's The Last Man. Our girl was a pioneer in apocalyptic fiction.

Do TIPs not learn reading comprehension is school, or...? Were they all drawing furry porn in class and zoning out that day or something?

It's kind of like how they demand trans people play Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch despite Hedwig being a gay man who detransitions in the end.

It's like they read the cliff's notes and nothing else.

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Ahaha love those responses.

Yeah I’ll call you freaks Frankenstein monsters if you like.