But feminists can't use gofundme for feminist things, right?

“Lucario”. “Nelsy“. Oh dear.


I didn’t even know that 😳 It’s one thing for kids to like characters with illiterate non-names, another for them to throw away the perfectly good names their parents pick to adopt that shit as their own.

I'm not at all surprised. Until a month ago, I had two young TIFs in my family. Then two weeks ago, a third young woman announced her "new identity." She's the youngest, at 17. All are lesbian or bi.

I'm so sad for our kids. They aren't playing with identity and fashion the way we did as kiddos but are instead making major, life-altering decisions before their brains have even finished developing.

Oh how very sad. I cannot fathom the torture they are putting themselves through, and their families. All the worry, all the anguish, all for naught.

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We should make a top surgery funding page to take money from pro-mutilators and repurpose it as donations to women's groups! Two birds with one stone!

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That’s illegal, I think.

If you collect donations it has to be for what you said it was for. Otherwise it’s fraud.

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Yeah I know we could never actually be allowed to do this lol, but if we could it would make for great poetic justice

Isn’t Lucario a Pokémon? Definitely a Nintendo character of some sort. I’ve seen it on Super Smash Bros

Are breast implants/augmentation also top surgery? How do we know the birth sex of the people in the go fund me

Even if these were all males trying to get breast implants, is that not still concerning that there are more than 42K cases of them?

Women who want breast implants don't call it "top surgery", afaik that's the colloquial term for double mastectomies for "gender affirmation surgeries".