That whole thing was priceless. My favourites are "They think they can make gay girls straight with their magical dick. Joke's on them: I know way more girls with magical dicks." Uh-huh.

And "Hey guys, i don't want to sound transphobic, but we need to address the issue of self ID letting men into women's spaces"

And "Men are pretty terrible most of the time. That's why I decided to become a woman." Decided.

That's why I decided to become a woman

I thought they were always women? Isn't it transphobic to say it's a choice?

They decided to be a woman but were always women. And if you say anything about that logical inconsistency, you're oppressing them!

And committing literal violence! They might commit suicide because you said that!

I know at least one man who claims he's nonbinary because he wants to distance himself from his own toxic masculinity but actually doing the work to address it is too much work. He still takes advantage of women using his size and sex and general scariness, but now he also gets to call them bigoted for calling him a man. Win-win!

So an asshole who knows he's an asshole but has decided to pretend he's not an asshole so that he can continue being an asshole and call others an asshole if they accuse him of being an asshole.

Did I get it right?

In general, yes! This specific asshole is more afraid that he really is the asshole he deep-down knows he is, so this is more of a self-distraction with the added bonus of people to blame for correctly identifying what he's up to, but I think it's just semantics at this point.

It's really something watching men getting butthurt about the fact that their favourite hunting ground is turning into a sausage fest, as if each individual one of them really believes he's so special that only he is legitimately allowed to hunt there, and other males are interlopers.

[–] Maplefields 64 points Edited

man: it’s literally called HER. Why do men gotta ruin everything?

I snorted. This is so funny. The thread is packed full of men scratching their heads and wondering where all the women are.

Comedy isn’t as funny as this shit.

Why do men gotta ruin everything?

Sigh Why indeed? How can they be so blind to the irony?

[–] TheCampusTerf 26 points Edited

We literally needed to create a female exclusive online space because men like them DO INDEED RUIN EVERYTHING! We were pushed from our own female and feminist spaces so that nasty men like them can discuss “girldick”. The amount tone deafness in that conversation was truly astounding.

[–] Maplefields 58 points Edited


Be very careful how you resolve this. You could push out closeted or recently out who can't transition just yet trans woman and non-binary lesbians if you become rigid in the expression rules. I get it men are being trash, but do be careful. I don't wanna be pushed out of woman's spaces I am transitioning into.

That is such an innocuous way to say, “woman’s spaces I am VIOLATING.”

These creeps have no self-awareness. Total narcissists.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 37 points

He knows exactly what he's doing and saying.

He's worried that the gig is up now that ALL men are going to scam into women's spaces just like he did.

Maybe this is what it will finally take to get these women to come back to their senses.

Thing is, they can transition themselves, but they can't really transition into "women's spaces", because that would require all of us women to "transition" our own beliefs about womanhood and our own sexual orientations as well. I think a lot of them are genuinely shocked that they can't actually transition socially, because most of us will never date them or accept them as real women. They can't wrap their minds around the idea that women are autonomous beings and not just props in their fantasy.

Go ahead and mutilate your body however you want, dress however you want, I and all my lesbian friends will still never date you. The amount of rage they have once they start encountering this is unreal.

And wait till they find out the ‘lesbian’ who is dating them is actually some straight girl who wants to be ‘queer’ but can’t make herself attracted to women

Because you can’t change your sex or your sexual attraction. All you can do is window dressings.

“Queer” girl I dated for 3 months from HER met and fell for a “NB” male (straight cis man) on there :/

Yeah, definitely any woman who dates them is straight or bi. The thing is both of them for some reason love the word "lesbian" and will keep the delusion going. I would say most people who are in lesbian subreddits or dating apps in the last few years are either TIMs or bicurious women who only date men. The two of them have a symbiotic relationship to move things from being lesbian focused to "queer" focused, both are vehemently against gatekeeping (aka politely reminding people that words mean something), both will attack homosexuals for being homosexual, and try to drive us out of these spaces we created for ourselves.

TIMs wouldn't be able to do the takeover on their own, unfortunately they're getting a lot of help. I used to tell gold star types that it was mean to try to exclude bi women or people who were just figuring out their sexuality, but maybe they were right in a way.

This is not the first time I've heard of TiMs getting mad when their "women-only" spaces are overrun with other men. I read once about a local roller derby league that tons of TiMs started joining. UwU! So validating! Of course, they were absolutely brutal with the women, to the point that almost all the women dropped out. Then the league just fell apart because sausage parties aren't affirming.

[–] bellatrixbells Witty flair 8 points

I once saw one complain that there were too many TIMs like himself who wanted to do lingerie modeling and I can't remember his exact words but he was pretty much complaining that it ruined the illusion.

He was basically saying he needed real women as props in his fantasy and the other TIMs were preventing him from getting that 🤦🏼‍♀️

Nooooo please tell me they're not all flocking to roller derby

Yes. My friend is in one. The TIM who is a teammate is one angry dude

That's extra scary considering that roller derby is a full contact sport. That guy could seriously hurt the women on the team.

Of course he's probably mad because of how bleedingly obviously male he is in those outfits.

I don't about all of them, but good lord do I feel bad for the women in whatever sport they've decided to invade.

The only (non gay) successful sausage parties I've been to are Rush concerts.

[–] llkit 64 points Edited

Bha ha ha ha ha!

I know i shouldn't laugh. But seriously, what did they think would happen? And tell me what's qualitatively different to a 'cis male' and a 'trans woman' without reference to make up or gendered essences.

Apparently we have to trust when someone 'feels' that they're a woman even if they have a beard and an obvious erection, except sometimes they aren't? Like how do they know they aren't just mocking some poor trans lesbian, you could argue that they're no better than Glinner!

Honestly watching them terf out without realising is so delicious I think I might have just wrecked my diet.

[–] mathlover 58 points Edited

Omg, that is hilarious. AGP heterosexual mlae predators are angry because their prey (lesbians) have mostly abandoned the dating apps. And male chasers, who want girldick, are now preying on the AGP het men. Rofl. Every AGP het male larping as a "lesbian" deserves this.

Now there just needs to be a way for lesbians (you know, XX + XX) to privately meet each other, totally excluding all males no matter how they "feel" or "identify". Leave the guys all stuck with each other.

Leave the guys all stuck with each other.

Preferably on an island somewhere. But not a nice one. How about Antarctica?

The lesbian bars and bookstores are shutting down.

I would think a bookstore could work. No alcohol or dim lighting to cloak the TIMS

plus books aren’t sexy

[–] swamphag 18 points Edited

Those comments about how TIFs aren't welcome in lesbian spaces makes me see red. Obviously TIFs have issues too and no lesbian is obligated to date one but they are literally homosexual females and have always been in lesbian spaces. Especially since the lines between stone butches, dysphoric butches, FTMs, 'cuspers', etc can be extremely blurry and confusing. This is the worst part of TIM colonization for me, they kick out the dysphoric homosexual women who have always been included in lesbian community and give them nowhere else to go, because they're now 'just like cis men', oppressors.

[–] Carrots90 3 points Edited

Exactly. TIFs are useful for erasing the word woman. Notice they aren’t allowed to say ‘woman and transmen get periods’ ? It’s all about the TIMs

But TIFs are hardly unwelcome in lesbian spaces.

I think the TIMs don’t want the competition

I’ve been reporting them as “other” then filling it in with “cis man”. And this is probably sad but I worry that they removed the feature bc terfs were spamming it.

Lol no. They removed it because no one can tell the difference between a “cis man” and TIM. The most likely scenario is that the men who got reported claimed to be women and screamed “tRaNsPhObIa!!!” It hurts my head to see women this dense.

The lack of self awareness is astounding how they don’t see that they’re the reason the app took the ‘that’s a fucking bloke’ button away, and more importantly, they’re straight men too.


The self awareness is so off the fucking chart, it's in space starting a new colony on Neptune.

[–] butchplease 23 points Edited

They do this on purpose, they fetishise and appropriate the lesbian existence to such an extent that they even get off on parroting lesbians who are upset at the destruction of our own spaces due to the very men whose boners thrive on mimicking our misery. This isn't them being stupid or wilfully obtuse. This is them wanking themselves off to the thought of lesbian culture being murdered.

they fetishise and appropriate the lesbian existence to such an extent that they even get off on parroting lesbians who are upset at the destruction of our own spaces due to the very men whose boners thrive on mimicking our misery

I think the same thing is going on with "gender critical transwomen" like Debbie Hayton. They get a little shot of validation by mimicking terfs, and if they're lucky, some headpats too.

YUP. Mark my words, the next thing they'll conquer will be radical feminism. At the moment, there's nothing more undeniably female than being a terf. It'll be their next big thing to appropriate.

Yep. Stella O'Malley did a softball interview with Debbie Hayton and his wife, Stephanie. The poor woman looked absolutely shell-shocked and defeated. Both lavished praise on Stephanie for patiently "taking it" when Hayton blindsided her with his transition. It was disturbing.

[–] Carrots90 3 points Edited

They also want to get rid of the butch lesbians. Straight men aren’t attracted to them but actual lesbians are

Butch lesbians aren’t in porn so why should they be allowed on lesbian dating sites that TIMs think are for TIMs?

Oh, yes, butch lesbians are the worst thing in existence to TIMs. I kind of love that.

Hold on, should I have my kids do some cringe video genuflecting to you all?

“All hail Butch women”

Like that one, Bless Her Heart™, mom?


I will wait expectantly for all the woke points and adulation....

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 14 points

I think the TiMs are pissed that their gig is up.

They had this "sweet gig" going where they could dominate all the women's and lesbian spaces and have all the attention on themselves, but now that more and more men are doing it, the party is over.

It's fucking HILARIOUS.

I don't know, I think they just use this as an opportunity to roleplay "poor widdle tiny lesbo being assaulted by dicks left and right". Makes them feel like real women. They get off on it.

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