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Why do men think women cry so much?? Maybe we will shed the odd tear at a sappy movie or something, but other than that i don't know any women who cry all the time. Men just really love to play up how ''emotional'' we are.

Men think they're not emotional because they've redefined rage and lust as not-emotions.

I do :'(
But it is a me-issue, not a woman-issue

Haha right? I'm just a weeper, it's how I seem to handle any strong emotion - actual sadness, rage, deep joy...but that is totally me and I don't know of many other women who cry as much as I do!

Idk, I've seen a lot of women on here make this confession. (I am a massive crier as well.) I think maybe for a lot of us it's just our secret shame. It is for me, anyway. I hate that I cry so much because it makes me feel like such a stereotype. I do my best not to cry in front of others outside my household if I can do anything about it (which usually means running to the nearest bathroom/broom closet/forest) so it's not something that most people would know about me.

Me too, I hate it so much! But I can't help it, I cry even when I'm happy ;__;

I've had to install drains in my house, every room, just to catch the over flow

I had a tower mill built in my kitchen, so my tears can make it work when I need flour for baking some bread.

Can't remember the last time I cried. Probably while watching something. Are my boobs gonna fall off cause I'm not much of a woman?

You might have a prostrate. Have you been checked by a doctor? It's impossible to tell who has one and who doesn't, only a doctor can know.

I'm not sure doctors even know. I think I have to ask a genderist.

Perhaps you're a jizzer? An ejaculator? A body with a penis? Better check that out right away, but I don't advise going to your OB/Gyn about it.

Good luck! And, may all the unicorn rainbow dust be with you.

A week? After a week?? Omfg, aside from the stupidity of reducing women to creatures that sob all day, it’s clearly psychosomatic symptoms.

An actual woman would never cry this much or even admit to it. Our professional lives would be in major jeopardy. A crying woman is viewed with disgust and contempt, people genuinely believe her tears are fake and she is attempting to manipulate them.

Seriously. Where do people get the idea that anyone gives a shit when women cry? Like no, nobody cares. They look at us like we're pathetic weak freaks.

Ohhh, I'll gladly make you cry some more if that counts as being a trans ally now 🙏

"Our studies show estrogen is effective in decreasing the impact of psychosis symptoms in women. More recently we have shown that adding estrogen to the antipsychotic treatment in men with schizophrenia also improves the outcomes for men, when their blood levels of estrogen rise"

"positive results when using the hormone estrogen to treat severe psychotic symptoms and depression in women and men."


This is what I found initially but I have heard that taking estrogen can improve mental illness. So what I'm hearing is that they are mentally ill and estrogen is acting as an antipsychotic which then helps them "prove" to themselves that they were always meant to be women.

Yeah, women are the most emotional right before their periods, when estrogen is at its lowest point in the cycle.

Or maybe you're crying because you are genuinely grieving and whatever it is you're grieving you're just too dissociated from to even acknowledge?

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Man, I cry watching just about anything, much to my shame, the Minions movie made me cry, and even I don't cry nearly that much in an entire month.

There was a time when I cried often. WHEN I WAS PREGNANT. Now i barely cry, being depressed and traumatized af, having survived a natural disaster, which means I am obviously a man.

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