Not the most convincing argument. I've felt that white women in the media don't represent me because they're of a different race. Ntm there could be many reasons why female characters aren't good female representation. They could be hypersexualised, objectified or stereotypical. They could be written as damsels in distress who exist to be trophies for men. These characters are female, but they don't represent me because they're badly written. I feel a better approach to this topic would be to discuss male representation. Or more specifically the representation of men with specific beliefs and whether or not that's necessary.

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To be fair though they'd probably argue "well just like black women and disabled women and whatever other type of women".

I'd love to ask one of them why they think these different groups of women need representation... for example, we don't group women into 'taller than 5'4' and 'shorter than 5'4' and demand representation on thst basis. It's not a socially and politically relevant distinction.

Oh... it's because transwomen just happen to have a male reproductive system and are discriminated against because they're... male?? Then remind me again, exactly what do they have in common with every other 'type' of women?

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Well, it is something of a relevant distinction. Short women, fat women, "mishapen" women, less pretty women, need to be represented more in our media and in fashion because of all the issues it causes to never see yourself represented. Same for women of different ethnicities. It's only fair that they also have women similar to them to look up to.

But yeah. TIMs don't need representation ad women because, well, theyre not a subtype of women.

Yeah, I was more pointing to the way that we define the groups is based on what features we think are socially/politically important to be represented. For example, we aren't campaigning to have more green-eyed women in media, even though that's technically a 'subtype' of woman. So asking them to justify why trans'women' need representation basically forces them to abandon the twaw statement...

Wow, I would love to bring this up next time someone whines about representation.