how much you wanna bet scrotes are gonna adopt this cause purely to avoid addressing the actual wage gap between men and women?

[–] real_feminist 22 points Edited

Tech companies are already replacing the EEOC question about sex on job applications with a question about gender identity. They're definitely trying to fudge the data.

At this rate they'll start caring really deeply about the "oppression" of trained bears on unicycles before they start giving a shit about women. It really feels like they're at the point where they're just making up "very oppressed minorities" to keep kicking the misogyny can down the road.

Can’t have anything to do with TIPs being generally mentally unwell NEETS who means “laziness is a virtue”.

[–] sillylily789 17 points Edited

Came right here hoping to talk about this, THANK YOU! Another case of chronically online pornsick men making up the vast vast majority of mods. Check out that guy's other subreddits he mods: contrapoints, two NSFW subs, ancient sumerian goddess sub where he only talks about trans people in ancient sumeria???

He's deleting any comment that isnt "trans rights" and laughing in Glee at it. When has antiwork addressed demographic worker inequality before?, Will they ever again? Will they address all the unpaid labor women do?, Why didn't he choose a graph that compared women's average wage to TIM? Or break down of what fields TIMs are in, averages wages, versus women? Why didn't he choose a graph that showed the % of high earning computer sci/engineer TIM vs women?

This is so typical. People have been saying on that sub that anti work needs to be for workers, by workers, in workers terms. Working class people don't give two shits about gender ideology. They want rights, and trans rights is not on that list. It's being downvoted into oblivion with hundreds of deleted comments and they aren't taking any of that into consideration. Burn it all down.

Why didn't he choose a graph that showed the % of high earning computer sci/engineer TIM vs women?

Does anyone here actually have reliable stats on trans representation in STEM? Anecdotally it seems likely that they are OVER-represented but I'd love to have some actual numbers to confirm or deny this.

I hope this is mass peaking.

They tried to force feminism to be all about gender crap. Now the gender woo is trying to force other movements to be all about the gender crap. The intersectional angle is BS imho as it always leads back to centering men somehow.

Speaking for myself at this point I wonder I have more common ground with conservatives? well I know that I do with conservative voters they are common working people like myself but I'm having a identity crises 😂 really though its not great to hold tightly to any identity I am not waving the blue team flag anymore

Lol - this post has zero upvotes and only 39% likes. The mods can silence dissenters but the majority of subs don’t like it.

TIMfoolery poisons yet another movement. Does everything they touch have to revolve around their gender identity?

Fck that sub and fck that movement. I say this as a person living below the poverty line who is disabled. You’d think I’d be supporting this movement, but I can see beyond the facade, I can see enough to know that it’s not going to help those who need the help the most. It’s a white man’s movement, full stop.

Yet another moderately good sub gone to hell. Thanks, TIMs

If you haven't watched the drama of r/antiwork this week...man it's a DOOZY! I can catch you up.

Did something else happen after the catastrophically awful Fox interview?

It's been a shit show for sure. So you know about the fox interview with the unshowered basement-dweller man that says his name is Doreen and goes by she/they. Well he started banning anyone that called him "he." Then he posted publicly on his person Facebook that he sexually assaulted a woman, and has PTSD from his act as a rapist, and is suicidal about it. So he got kicked from the mod team, and a new mod took over. The new mod made a post about transparency, and revealed that there were 4 more unreleased interviews coming, staring him, the new mod. Who was the new mod? A 21 year old unemployed incel anarchist. Oh and Doreen's ex room mate was still a mod. Oh and that ex room mate posted about pedophilia, bestiality, and gay incest. And there were mods with 6 hour old accounts banning people for transphobia that TOTALLY weren't Doreen... right?

So the new anarchist incel mod quit. A new mod joined the team and made a post about transparency, and fired the ex room mate mod and the totally-not-doreen mod. There was about 24 hours without some crazy-making drama until this stickied trans post.

The then head mod had admitted to serial rape allegations - https://www.reduxx.info/post/trans-r-antiwork-moderator-admitted-to-serial-rape-allegations

He was then forcefully removed by the admins and subsequently replaced by the TIM powermods.

I'd love a summary. I lost track at the point where the appointed and removed a bunch of new mods, one of whom had been posting in pedo, incest and bestiary subs? It's wiiild

I just replied with the summary on the other comment ❤️ you have the most of it for sure. What a weird week huh? One of those rare times where you have to sort by top-hour to keep updated on facts.

The sub started as hell - "Doreen" was the founder and he was preaching literal laziness.

R/workreform is the replacement (and frankly is a better name anyway)

Unfortunately the reddit admins did force out the original founders of that sub and placed another TIM who mods several trans subs: https://archive.is/fNZpY

He doesn't appear on the modlist as of now but I wouldn't be surprised if the other mods belong to the same cabal.

[–] TheLastUBender 12 points Edited

The new mod also deleted any comment replying to their assertion that voting on mods would only 'lead to the far right taking over'. The far right, no doubt, being people that question their opinions on just about anything, TWAW first and foremost. Colonizing shithead.

(They're like the Borg at this point. I picture their spaceship as a giant Princess Peach with dead, space dust-covered eyes and a rocket protruding from the bottom of the skirt. "My people encountered them a century ago... they destroyed our cities, scattered us throughout the galaxy. Protect yourself, Captain, or you'll be destroyed" ... )

The sub members shouldn't get to vote???

They're behaving exactly like the power tripping, abusive, psychopathic bosses they love to hate.

One of the main gripes with the previous head mod who went on Fox for the disastrous interview was that the community had apparently voted not to do such media appearances, so it's rather ironic that the TIMs who took over are known to be notorious power-mods who are even more authoritarian, and pretty much have a direct line of communication with the paid reddit admins/staff.

Yup. These are their exact words:

No. There is no way to have a democratically elected mod team on reddit that wont be highjacked by the far right and anyone who tells you that you can is lying to you or trying to con you or is a fool.

He likes making stickied posts attacking JK Rowling (including threats of violence) and he is the head mod of r/rape, a forum that clearly should be modded by somebody who reflects the main target demographic, not some dude who describes himself as a 'veteran & trans home maker'

That says everything doesn't it. "If we had elections we might not have AGP rule anymore"

That graph is a load of bs, lots of TIMs like the Wachowskis and Bruce Jenner stabilished their careers before transitioning and "Martine Rothblatt" is considered the highest paid "female" CEO by the wokes.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 13 points

I mean, it makes sense because I'm sure some of TIMs work easy, low-paying jobs so they can spend more time on the internet or their makeup.

I want to see comparisons between male and females doing the same jobs. Then we'll see that TIMs in tech jobs and management positions vastly out-earn women.

Many of them work in STEM. They got the jobs while presenting as male, so they earn a white male IT salary, aka a lot of money.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 4 points

But the stats are now going to list them as women, thus, “erasing” the wage gap in STEM fields.

It’s such bullshit.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 0 points

Fair, I didn't mean to imply that all TIMs work low-skilled jobs. I just wanted to point out that there are a lot of NEET TIMs who still mooch off their parents, for example.

[–] real_feminist 12 points Edited

I want to see comparisons between male and females doing the same jobs

This is terrible way to do pay gap comparisons because it fails to consider that the largest source of the pay gap is from hiring discrimination. Most of the tech companies that I've worked for won't hire women unless we're 10x more qualified than the men. When they do hire us, they place us into much lower levels than our male peers. The situation is so awful that women are twice as likely to leave the field and a study showed that the primary reason that women were leaving was because of the lack of opportunities.

On top of that, the correlation between pay for a given field and the percentage of women is strongly correlated. For example, most programmers were women back in the 60s and when that was true it was seen as a low-skill job that got low pay. It became a male-dominated field at the same time that it became a lucrative field. The reverse has happened in other fields.

The overall, unadjusted wage gap is the only way to account for both the hiring/leveling discrimination between individuals within a field and the impact that sexism/racism has on the differences in pay across fields.

But, yea, I agree that the TIMs disproportionately work in tech.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 0 points

I know tech is a hell hole for women, so I'm sorry that you have to endure these terrible practices. I've worked in HR for manufacturing, and med device, so I don't have any references for the tech industry.

I disagree with you on your assertion that unadjusted wages are the only way, simply because there are too many variables at play. Location, industry and education certainly affect wages regardless of whether the applicant is male or female. I assisted in a review of one company's pay bands (wage ranges) and found that more revealing information is discovered when you look at the details. It's there that the disparity between sex, ethnicity etc can really be seen.

I do agree that hiring bias is a huge factor that needs to be tackled in many industries.

There’s a trans survey that was done in the US that found that US tims were significantly more likely to be higher paid, have college degrees, and work in tech than any other group (wish I could remember which one). They’re also super white according to this survey.

It isn’t just us saying it, their own surveys do too.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 1 points

I agree, but I just wanted to point out that there are lazy, NEET TIMs that might pull the average down.

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