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The new mod also deleted any comment replying to their assertion that voting on mods would only 'lead to the far right taking over'. The far right, no doubt, being people that question their opinions on just about anything, TWAW first and foremost. Colonizing shithead.

(They're like the Borg at this point. I picture their spaceship as a giant Princess Peach with dead, space dust-covered eyes and a rocket protruding from the bottom of the skirt. "My people encountered them a century ago... they destroyed our cities, scattered us throughout the galaxy. Protect yourself, Captain, or you'll be destroyed" ... )

The sub members shouldn't get to vote???

They're behaving exactly like the power tripping, abusive, psychopathic bosses they love to hate.

One of the main gripes with the previous head mod who went on Fox for the disastrous interview was that the community had apparently voted not to do such media appearances, so it's rather ironic that the TIMs who took over are known to be notorious power-mods who are even more authoritarian, and pretty much have a direct line of communication with the paid reddit admins/staff.

Yup. These are their exact words:

No. There is no way to have a democratically elected mod team on reddit that wont be highjacked by the far right and anyone who tells you that you can is lying to you or trying to con you or is a fool.

He likes making stickied posts attacking JK Rowling (including threats of violence) and he is the head mod of r/rape, a forum that clearly should be modded by somebody who reflects the main target demographic, not some dude who describes himself as a 'veteran & trans home maker'

That says everything doesn't it. "If we had elections we might not have AGP rule anymore"