Yet another moderately good sub gone to hell. Thanks, TIMs

If you haven't watched the drama of r/antiwork this week...man it's a DOOZY! I can catch you up.

Did something else happen after the catastrophically awful Fox interview?

It's been a shit show for sure. So you know about the fox interview with the unshowered basement-dweller man that says his name is Doreen and goes by she/they. Well he started banning anyone that called him "he." Then he posted publicly on his person Facebook that he sexually assaulted a woman, and has PTSD from his act as a rapist, and is suicidal about it. So he got kicked from the mod team, and a new mod took over. The new mod made a post about transparency, and revealed that there were 4 more unreleased interviews coming, staring him, the new mod. Who was the new mod? A 21 year old unemployed incel anarchist. Oh and Doreen's ex room mate was still a mod. Oh and that ex room mate posted about pedophilia, bestiality, and gay incest. And there were mods with 6 hour old accounts banning people for transphobia that TOTALLY weren't Doreen... right?

So the new anarchist incel mod quit. A new mod joined the team and made a post about transparency, and fired the ex room mate mod and the totally-not-doreen mod. There was about 24 hours without some crazy-making drama until this stickied trans post.

The then head mod had admitted to serial rape allegations - https://www.reduxx.info/post/trans-r-antiwork-moderator-admitted-to-serial-rape-allegations

He was then forcefully removed by the admins and subsequently replaced by the TIM powermods.

I'd love a summary. I lost track at the point where the appointed and removed a bunch of new mods, one of whom had been posting in pedo, incest and bestiary subs? It's wiiild

I just replied with the summary on the other comment ❤️ you have the most of it for sure. What a weird week huh? One of those rare times where you have to sort by top-hour to keep updated on facts.

The sub started as hell - "Doreen" was the founder and he was preaching literal laziness.

R/workreform is the replacement (and frankly is a better name anyway)

Unfortunately the reddit admins did force out the original founders of that sub and placed another TIM who mods several trans subs: https://archive.is/fNZpY

He doesn't appear on the modlist as of now but I wouldn't be surprised if the other mods belong to the same cabal.