The sub members shouldn't get to vote???

They're behaving exactly like the power tripping, abusive, psychopathic bosses they love to hate.

Yup. These are their exact words:

No. There is no way to have a democratically elected mod team on reddit that wont be highjacked by the far right and anyone who tells you that you can is lying to you or trying to con you or is a fool.

He likes making stickied posts attacking JK Rowling (including threats of violence) and he is the head mod of r/rape, a forum that clearly should be modded by somebody who reflects the main target demographic, not some dude who describes himself as a 'veteran & trans home maker'

Wtf does JKR have to do with antiwork? Why are they so obsessed with her

Apparently, the stickied post was just to see who would speak up and dissent, so they can purge all the 'transphobes' out of the antiwork subreddit.

I hope they're very clumsy and thorough about it. I hope they piss off lots of men who will start flipping tables

That says everything doesn't it. "If we had elections we might not have AGP rule anymore"