A lot of men's scents are just the lady scents rebranded as imaginary scents like "mountain eagle claw", because marketers figure men are too fragile to face buying the stuff they actually like, if it is arbitrarily assigned as "feminine", like fruit.

There's a lesson in that.

Old Spice used to be a woman's scent. I wear Old Spice myself because I prefer it.

I wear old spice too. I tried many different brands of women's deodorant and none of them lasted very long. I don't even sweat that much, but I felt like it made no difference wearing it or not (as a depressed person, I'd forget to put on deodorant quite often, so I know the result). I was about to try those clinical ones when I saw women on Reddit talking about old spice, so I gave it a try. There are some brands of women's deodorant that work for me, but the most common ones, don't. Fuck Nivea.

I started using it recently too. Makes sense it used to be a woman’s scent. It’s amazing

But I thought trans people were born that way and no outside influence could ever make someone trans?

My dad has used women's deodorant for 20 years at least. Pretty sure he is not trans. Women's deodorant just smells better he says lol

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Bahaha my dad too! He uses Secret unscented gel (there aren't any unscented antiperspirant gels in the men's section). 👊🏽

Lol my dad just uses the Suave shower fresh or even baby powder!! 😂 I strive to give no fucks the way my dad does, he's the best!

stereotypes and sexism. that's all it ever boils down to. every single one of them

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I used the same brand as my dad when I hit puberty and I didn't live with my mom. I guess I was a "transman" way back in 1998!

I’ve used men’s Degree brand almost my entire adult life, because generally women’s deodorant is weak, I’d be smelling like BO by the end of my work day whereas I’ve never had that problem with men’s deodorant. I guess they think women don’t sweat.

It’s funny how I like traditionally “manly” scents and yet none of them have given me the urge to carve a useless floppy appendage out of my arm…

My dad always liked women's deodorant for the smell.

I guess I have some news for him now...

I used men's deodorant and body wash for a time when I was younger. I must have transitioned and detransitioned without realizing it!

Yes, a big corporation branded some deo as women's and if you enjoy it, obviously a woman. Big corps know best! Especially only trust those on the public stock market, don't know what those who haven't gone public are up to. Might end up a frog instead of a woman.

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