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Every time I see a TIM making a point about being treated differently after transitioning I'm like... Dude... This isn't because people now see you like a woman. This is because no one actually knows how to behave with you.

[–] MiMi2013 17 points Edited

I think it was on Kiwi farm where it was pointed out that 'Jazz Jennings' [and by extension, ALL "trans girls"] are NOT treated like girls, but like extra special boys.Trans woMEN are NOT considered women, but as fragile volatile men prone to tantrums and threats.

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Absolutely ! And with older AGPs you also never know what kind of consequences await you other than the tantrum. I'm sure even grown men don't feel like having their teeth punched out by an unhinged 6'5" 300lbs balding fujoshi catgirl.

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Women are scared you are a psycho! They tiptoe on broken glass around your unpredictable, entirely male ass to avoid triggering a narcissistic rage.

And even most men are like, "This guy is a mentally unstable weirdo, better not piss him off."

Rachel Dolezal: since I've been black, white people have been so kind to me. So much for racism! 🤡🤡🤡

Sorry, had to do it again

Dumb fucking Y chromosoid.

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Why is this fine but Timmy isn't? Mods? Can someone answer me this?

[–] ouvalemonde [speaking as mod] EmpressLadybrain 10 points Edited

For one, using a name as an insult is confusing and considering the fact that mostly kids are the ones who will go by the name Timmy, it feels a bit ghoulish and just unnecessary considering that it has little payoff humor-wise. In general, I have nothing against coming up with more creative funny names to describe TIMs (so long as they don't contain slurs or misogynistic words like "tits" or "bitch", etc).

That aside, "Y chromosoid" is a term based on being male rather than being trans-identified and will be granted more leeway than a term like "Timmy." Using "Timmy" as an insult goes against the purpose of the term "TIM", which is to describe material reality surrounding gender nonsense in a neutral way.

I just love this website. Only one I’ve ever found that finally acknowledges how fucking misogynistic “tits” is.

I personally think it's all bad, might be in the minority. He's not stupid because he's a man on trans, he's stupid because he's stupid.

What even is this? This isn't a thing. Whatever is going on here is unique to this guy's experience. No woman would ever say anything like this. it doesn't even really make sense. Your male friends call you pet names and make you feel special? I don't get what the hell context this could possibly be. This is just weird.

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No woman would be flattered by a group of males giving her some demeaning "pet name".

His friends probably call him "big tiddies" or something and he loves it.

It's like the male friends are playing along in the fantasy and took it to extremes. Or this dude made this up, lol

D: If my male friends called me "sweet little nicknames" i'd be like wtf is wrong with you? lmao. ew.

Man says patriarchy isn't real because he benefits from it, news at 11.

Even when it comes to bio women, I think many of us have had an experience where a man is being nice to us, only for us to find out later that they were trying to get something out of us. Whether it was just the thrill of being able to talk to a woman they found attractive and captivate her attention, or if they had the intention of trying to ask us out or fuck us.

"I had this particular experience, so obviously everything else must be fake!" Wow, such sound logic!

I just LOVE being infantilised and not having my opinions taken seriously!

Those guys would have a real shock if something went wrong in their lives and they were treated as actual dainty tee hee fiddle dee dee women get treated when they suddenly have to push back.