It's called homophobia. No one perceived you as a woman.

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They believe in the idea of alpha/beta males and equate women with betas.

In truth, he probably has a really low self-esteem and that's probably what people picked up on.

That's more or less what I was going to respond with. Men think that failing to dominate others, as well as being dominated, makes a man not a man. That's the assumption that the TIM in the screenshot is running with; he conflates "being dominated and abused by men" with "being socialized female." While all women under patriarchy suffer from being dominated and abused by men, not all people who suffer domination and abuse by men are women.

People smell weakness, especially school kids that pay extreme attention to their social status. People with a mental illness get picked on. That's not 'being female'.

What the hell does that even mean? Picked up on his femaleness? I'm assuming he, like most Tims, equates womanhood with offensive stereotypes about women such as ditziness and weakness. Or maybe he's talking about the fact that a lot of men hate feminine men and that is certainly true. (They hate feminine women too even though they claim it's what they want)

Whatever it is it that happened to him has nothing to do with being female because he's male. It's so offensive for these guys to appropriate our experiences like that and especially to then "educate" us. Just stop. You are undermining everything women say.

The only thing they should atone for is the time they spend saying they're women. It's wrong, it should be punished at least by shame & social stigma, and it should at the very least not be condoned by society.

Being a failed loser man who's at the bottom of the pecking order is exactly like being a woman!!!