I would reply to her telling her she’s being transphobiquè to imply that “trans women” don’t have “vaginas!” Just to see how much she scrambled to prove she’s not. What about post-ops, Haliey? 😂

This has been my tactic for a while now, answering with absurdities to reverse the roles. So for instance in this case I'd berate her for implying that TIMs anuses aren't the exact same as vaginas.

I’ve done this but I must be bad at it because they call me terf anyway

You could also reply to her questioning why she doesn't think trans women can't use their feminine penises! After all, they have such a great mouthfeel.

“Well, trans women may enjoy it more because they have prostates.”

If i had a pet peeve list for trans issues, full ass males comparing their crusty, hairy arseholes covered in dingleberries to our vaginas, would probably be number one. Maybe i should make a post about trans pet peeves...

Ugh. There's not enough paper in the world for that list.

And I'm straight and disgusted by this... I can only imagine lesbians reaction to reading about male arseholes IN THEIR OWN SPACES

insert "shut up" gif here

She knows full well what the conversation is about. She just had to butt in for her woke points.

She just had to butt in for her woke points.

I see what you did there hat tip

People need to start telling these people shut up and stop changing the subject.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 10 points

🙄 I've stop wasting my time trying to tiptoe around these people.

I'd tell her to please fuck off if she's gonna call women "people with vaginas" just so she can allow men to pretend they're women and so self hating women can fool themselves thinking they're not women.

We've apologized for too long for fear of offending and if we keep doing that we'll stay backed into a corner.

I should add that she's the mod/admin of the group so you have to go along with it if you don't want to get kicked out.

Of course. Let’s give the mentally ill cross dressers all the power in all the online places. I’m so sick of this. I’m sick of it all.

She's a woman not a TIM but yeah it's so tiring how TRAs have all the power online.

I hope someone immediately corrected her that most TIMs like women…..

Curious about the rest of the conversation...was it a discussion of whether women can enjoy anal sex? Did anyone say yes, it is possible for women to enjoy it?

The consensus was that the majority of women dislike anal sex and that we feel pressured to do it by men with people discussing the health risks of anal sex, and then one or two men and handmaidens jumped in saying it's "homophobic and transphobic to say that about anal sex". Lol give me a break.

My gay male friends have told me that anal is a rare thing and usually they don't bother with it. I think it's way oversold as "all gay men do this"-- not sure that that is true, at least not PIA sex. And they have prostates to make it enjoyable to some extent.

All of this pressure on women to engage in anal sex is entirely different from what gay men do with each other, and the two should not be compared. But with TIMs it's effectively a gay relationship so compare away, lol.

Thanks. In my experience anal sex is either really good or really bad. For it to be good, I have to be very highly aroused. If I'm not at that arousal level, it hurts so bad that I can't do it. And frankly, it's been years since I've felt that kind of arousal. I wonder if it works differently for gay men. Or maybe if you do it often enough it stops hurting and you don't have to be as turned on to tolerate it. I don't know.

I think it definitely works differently for men because they have prostates. Their g spots are essentially in their ass so they'll always get more enjoyment out of it than women. I'm not saying women can never experience anal pleasure but let's be honest, it is rare and the majority of us just don't care for it. Like you said, it's hit and miss.

It’s like rape and CSA: women don’t do those things unless you count TIMs. Most women don’t like anal. All that happens when you include TIMs is that it becomes impossible to say anything about women, because that could mean aNybOdY.

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