It’s not a big forehead

It’s a male pattern receding hairline

[–] Hera 28 points

His maleness becomes all the more obvious when contrasted with an actual woman. I haven't seen an accidental self-own that good in a looooong time lmao. 🤣

[–] SamuraiGhostCat 18 points Edited

Boy, you have baldness starting. Male pattern baldness. Not a forehead, not a fivehead, but a 7-head at this point. And it won’t stop there.

Meanwhile, JKR has a completely normal sized forehead, and she’s absolutely gorgeous btw.

This is like when one twin absorbs all the nutrients of the other twin in the womb

[–] gelatin [OP] 2 points Edited

Lol. You know Sander from I Am Jazz? Apparently his brother had a greater blood supply in the womb. He is hilariously stupid. That show is so tragic though.

edit: The videos are gone now but there were a ton of videos from TT Exulansic that showed it. There's one episode where he forces his lawyer brother to do a Tik Tok with him but he can't do the dance right for hours and gives up. The dance was incredibly simple.

And this is the smirking stooge who puts down Jazz.

Still doesn't look like a woman. Also has male pattern baldness/receding hairline.

Hairline™️ making its very male appearance plus the delusional levels of inflated male ego . But long hair = woman I guess

WTF. Most of the time I assume they don't seriously believe their own bullshit but this....

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 10 points

Dude, you’re an ugly balding scrote.

JKR is none of those things.

Doesn’t matter dude - even if you did “pass” you still aren’t a woman, never will be.

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