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When being your true self means you need Google's approval to be able to say what you like and don't like.

Reaching the epitome of your “true self” is definitely Googling to make sure you’re correctly imitating a stereotypical idea of what you’re supposed to be doing as your “true self.” This definitely isn’t crazy. This is the TERFs’ fault, somehow.

TIMs: im truly finally going to be MYSELF

also TIMs: have to practice being "feminine", screw up constantly. Have to google whether they like something. Take artificial wrong sex hormones which damage their bodies. Have unnecessary beauty surgeries to look less like what they were born with.

Bro the only thing that's actually you under all this fake shit is your severe porn addiction and your autogynephilia.

When I was maybe 18/19 I was working at a fancy grocery store in Largish City, Appalachia. This absolutely gorgeous Irish man came through the checkout line. I had never met a real Irish person before but I had always been quite fond of the accent and here was this amazingly handsome man with the best accent I had ever heard and he was talking to me. One of the things he bought was a tin of McCann's Irish oatmeal, and he asked me if I had ever had it before. This was before steel-cut oats were popular in the states so I had not. He told me that I simply must try it and very enthusiastically described to me precisely what was the best way to prepare it. So after my shift I ran and bought myself a can, prepared it the next morning according to his instructions which I had of course committed to memory, and I have been eating it in the same manner multiple times a week for the last 20+ years. To sum up, I have just discovered that I am a raging lesbian.

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TIPs: "I'm a wo/man, I'm a wo/man!"

Also TIPs: /need to research every tiny little thing they do in order to be sure they'll "pass" as their ~true gender~

Also TiPs: asking people of the same sex for advice on better impersonating the opposite sex.

My Nigel drank a pink drink yesterday when we went out for lunch. It was some kind of blackberry vodka cocktail. He liked it and ordered a second one. Strangely he did not become a bootiful laydee.

My husband eats oatmeal every morning. It might as well be a religious ritual.

Now I have to tell him he’s gender nonconforming, since “eats oatmeal” is not on the approved list of Things Manly Men Do.

My son does too. He's been OBSESSED since he was about 3 years old. He got a bath bomb yesterday when I stopped to get some shave soap and he was utterly delighted that his bath bomb had oatmeal in it. (He does know he's not supposed to eat it.)

You better not reveal to any TRAs that your kid loves oatmeal AND bath bombs.

Ha, I didn't even think about bath bombs! Don't worry, if anyone tries to trans my kid, I will DECIMATE them.

My son (3) hasnt been indoctrinated by patriachy yet. He likes all coloes including pink, bubbles and foam, picks flowers for me, loves pets and babies and Oatmeal is in the top3 of his favority breakfasts. Clearly I'm raising a mtf toddler.

He sounds like a sweet boy. 3 is such a great age, I miss it with my five year old.

Although my five year old still does most of that stuff.

Okay, so, if Google told her no, men don't eat oatmeal, what would that say about her trans status? Would that turn her back into a woman since only women eat oatmeal?

She'd probably have a mental breakdown over the dysphoria. I've seen people on preddit trans subs having breakdowns over having to use "for women" or "for men" deodorant.

So she just knows she's really a man inside, but she doesn't know if men eat oatmeal? Strange ...

(Note how she didn't even write "cismen" ... the cognitive dissonance, how can she endure it?)

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LOL worrying about being judged on what you’re eating? How manly

Ladies eat half a grapefruit and black coffee for breakfast, duh.

This is transphobic since TIMs can’t eat grapefruit with their meds

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Okay, I had to look this up because I'd never heard of it, and wasn't sure if it was sarcasm lol. DuckDuckGo returned a link of trans sub in Reddit (of course, it's always Reddit) and I discovered that it can cause liver damage with all the meds TIMs take.

The more you know, I guess 🙃

Grapefruit interacts with a lot of different meds but estrogen, progesterone, and ED drugs all react poorly.

Ladies eat half a grapefruit and black coffee for breakfast, duh.

And smoke two cigarettes, LOL.

What wretchedly insecure and sad lives these people live. Imagine gendering food... 🤦‍♀️ I hope this woman is able to get the help she actually needs.

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