Whatever hip sway is going on varies from woman to woman and it's not intentional and it's not to get male attention. If the ass jiggles that's just because most women carry a good amount of fat there, so these flat assed, narrow-hipped males aren't going ever succeed so they should just give up now.

Nah, let them keep trying. The world needs more things that will make us laugh! LOL.

[–] histri0nic 32 points Edited

I know this goes without saying but fr, wider hips change your gait, women aren't conciously shaking their asses everywhere they go lmao. Though I'd love to be a fly in the room when this fool is prancing around trying to 'walk like a girl', just imagine that hahaha

but they're not sexist freaks at all. no. just trying to be their authentic female ass-shaking selves. these men make me wanna puke.

Hlariously, women generally don't actually walk like that because our hips, and therefore feet and legs, are set wider apart and the "catwalk" walk is completely unintuitive and pointless for when you need to actually go anywhere or do anything.

I am imagining a hapless TIM trying to walk like that down a dark street on his way home and wondering why it's taking SOOO long and why he feels so untethered and uncomfortable.

[–] [Deleted] 0 points Edited

I think he's trying to describe walking with feet straight, yeah. Women walk with our feet straighter ahead rather than pointing our toes out, which is a man thing. Because we have wide hips. They probably can't comfortably walk like us with their hips anyway. No way they'd be able to keep it up all the time.

I naturally walk with my feet turned out a bit, I think most people do tbh but it really depends on your own bodily configuration. The catwalk walk has very straight-ahead feet - for me to do it I almost have to turn my toes inwards a bit. (Which is also the ultimate uwu foot position). Hm so maybe they DO perceive turned-in feet to be "feminine".

If I sway my hips it's really not about where i place my feet but rather how I power up through my leg and let my hip "go". Poor TIMS shoving their hips from side to side trying to look like models. Imagine how long it will take them to walk anywhere. Even with some sassy Black drag queen friend shouting "MISS THING! UH UH! SNAP SNAP" to encourage them.

They're just being their authentic selves!

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 3 points

Right ? "Teach me to walk like this other person so I can be my true self" (also teach me to speak, move, eat, laugh, sing, etc, like this other person)

[–] Maplefields 17 points Edited

I’ve seen very few people do the “tightrope” walk in real life, and they looked like idiots. These were people I made certain to avoid. Let me reiterate why: it’s an unnatural walk. You have to purposely do it. It destabilizes your center of gravity and puts more stress on your joints. I think there’s something wrong with your head if you’re doing it out and about. The only people who have valid reasons walking this stupid walk are fashion models on the run way, and here’s my message to fashion designers: when your model looks like she’s risking an ankle fracture and future hip osteoarthritis because of your stupid mandatory walk and ridiculous heels, I’m not paying attention to your design. I’m sitting there feeling sorry for the model while thinking the fashion industry are real shits, and yes, I’m associating your design with that negative feeling.

[–] Iridescence 5 points Edited

I used to do it all the time! ... as an 8 year old kid that watched a fashion show on TV one time and tried to copy the way the models walked. I'm sure I looked like a total idiot, and so do these men.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 1 points

I think it's safe to assume that most people will be way more forgiving of an eight year old imitating what she sees on TV than a grown ass man awkwardly trying to walk like a runway model in the subway during rush hour cause he hopes his butt will jiggle.

I’ve been watching older seasons of project runway….and the catwalk walk is so distracting. If the woman walked more naturally, eyes would be more focused on the design. Our eyes are naturally drawn to things out of the ordinary, so you really don’t want that ridiculous walk.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 3 points

Yeahhhh I guarantee you if you're constantly worried about whether you look like a woman when you walk it's because you're not a woman.

I just wanna get from point A to point B, I don't give a shit as long as my legs work.

[–] SuddenlyRamen 11 points Edited

I certainly don't walk like how they're describing dear god. They really believe we are just living breathing waifu pillows don't they.

What a bunch of morons.

My sympathy has largely run out for these people, but reading the comments on that post was both infuriating and sad. They describe extraordinary effort every time they do anything including something as mundane as walking. I can't imagine spending my whole life working that hard to "be my true self". It sounds gd exhausting.

They think we twerk to the office water fountain. Twerk to the bathroom. Twerk to the vending machine.

yup. bc they've never been out of the basment and only watch lesbian porn

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