They're always going on about our "recruitment strategies."

We don't "recruit" people. We don't have to. Women become "TERFs" when they actually stop and listen to the vile, sexist, racist, homophobic shit you say.

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 21 points

their trauma shouldn't be used to shape public policy itself.

But it's OK for men's "gender dysphoria" to shape public policy? Why is it always women's safety that is second to men's feelings? (I know why 🙄)

Imagine saying JULIE FUCKING BINDEL doesn't know what feminism is, just as you're trying to shove cock down the throats of traumatised women??

[–] Future Is Female 2 points

IKR! And then reducing her long and impressive career to “selling columns”.

That blew my mind! Even before I became GC I, an American, knew who Julie Bindel was. And it wasn’t because of trans shit - it was because of her unapologetic advocacy for female victims of male violence.

But seriously - the OP obviously knows nothing about JB except “TERF”. If she did, she wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous statement.

“I feel unsafe” is only “valid” when TIMs say it. Silly women just need to get over it.

Translation: "Look at what a smart, sympathetic person I am. I'm such a good person and I would never belittle another person's trauma. Here, to show what a good person I am I'm going to single women out -even though they're not the only ones with gender critical views- and tell them that everything they have to say doesn't matter and men are more important. Still not mocking their trauma though! I acknowledge that it is in fact a thing that exists. It just means absolutely nothing. Give me admiration now! Tell me im amazing!"

Lol even when they're trying to look like decent people they have no idea how.

It's like Lisa Simpson to Mr Burns: "You're still evil, and when you're trying to be good, you're even more evil!"

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 7 points

Because as always, bepenised wo(men)’s feelings are more important than your safety.