But I thought trans women were women? Why can't they just be friends with themselves?

That's exactly what I thought lol. They "invalidate" themselves so often it's hilarious.

Because there are almost no actual women left in any of those spaces, and everyone who doesn't worship dick is silenced. That's the downside of creating a narcissistic little echo chamber for yourself. You feel good, but it's all FAKE

Every women is a terf. You really think a single woman alive wholeheartedly believes these men are the same as them and aren't just conditioned to Be Nice/are scared?

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I know many, many women that I wouldn't say are TERFs because even if they aren't ok with TIMs, they don't understand being gender critical, or feminist.

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At this point a "TERF" is just any woman a man disagrees with, so at least based on standard usage, every woman is a TERF.

I've found online women and lesbian spaces supportive

Thats because there are no actual women there. Almost every space meant for women has been colonized by TIMS.

TERFs represent 1% of the female population

That might be true, I'm not sure how many women are RadFems, but the amount of GC women is much higher. If I asked my mom, my other female relatives, and basically everyone who isn't indoctrinated into the wokester cult, all of them would say that a male cannot become a female. These people are so terminally online that they cannot recognize that amongst regular real people in real life, almost no one buys the gender bullshit. If I told my mom that hey, people think there are an infinate amount of genders or that men really think that they can turn into women, she'd think I'm joking.

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Exactly this. When they make their main enemy radfems because they're bitter about how much sense we make, they forget that we're in the vast majority that doesn't believe men are women, we're just the ones with the best understanding of why. I mean I know in the US about 45% of women vote conservative, making it extremely unlikely they think men can be women, and many liberal women, especially those that don't sit on social media all day, don't think so either. Of those that do support it, most have no serious understanding of trans ideology and just have a vague stance like "we have to let LGBTQ+ people express themselves how they want!" The idea of putting men in women's sports let alone women's prisons is very unpopular, even among liberals.

TERFS "don't represent REAL women." Someone's mask slipped...just a little...revealing to himself and others what he really feels about the "trans women ARE women" dogma.

They aren’t supporting you, they’re scared of you, TIMs! They’re scared of what’ll happen if they don’t stand by, applaud, and call you stunning & brave.

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Lets be real, even if the women are actually supportive and not just being polite because they are scared the TIMs will flip out, it's not going to last. They are going to peak one by one and probably leave the group.

This may be true but 99% people of those aren’t real lesbians. They’re cis straight women that want to larp as lesbians just like TIMs

Question. When you say 'real woman' are you talking about TW or "cis" women........