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Yeah, cause Tifs totally look like huge lumber Jack guys and not at all like Alfalfa's unfinished puberty.


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(I didn't click the link. Sounds pretty bad, but that's the best picture I found)

Always looking like prepubescent girls cosplaying as anime boys 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 because they aaaaaare.

not at all like Alfalfa's unfinished puberty.

I know that's right.

am having trouble breathing from laughter.

This confused me for a second, cause they drew the TiF like a TiM... xD

Ignoring the content, the drawing skills are not bad. It is a very classic comic style. I like how she filled in the background and the facial expressions of the characters (especially the women's laugh lines). This person has talent.

Should have changed her name to something besides Charlene Jones if she didn't want to get clocked immediately.