Omg... that poor teenage girl!!! Did she not sense it was a TIM, or what? And with that voice... I hate how most don’t even make any effort to make their voices sound higher; it’s almost like they enjoy making women feel uneasy and catch them off guard with their burly man voices. 🤔 (They do.)

If I saw that situation, I would’ve approached the girl in a different aisle and said I’m an actual female that has periods, not the man she talked to, and would answer any questions she felt comfortable asking.

I’m also sad that she didn’t have a mom or other older woman or even fellow teen girl friend to ask. I feel bad for girls in that situation... and many feel bad, uncomfortable, ashamed and embarrassed to even ask their female family members.

I felt really bad for her as well. There weren't very many employees nearby, I imagine he either asked her if she's looking for something, or she just asked him since she saw him there and there was no one else. I can't really say, since I had come over there right when he was helping her already.