seems like a self-burn, no?

edit: apparently I didn't take in the title when I read it XD

Totally is one. Like at least half the posts on that subreddit are self-burns, and I couldn’t help but loudly cackle at this one. 😆 It’s like, how are they this self-aware, but haven’t realized the truth yet?

Maybe they are secret terves trying to spread the truth?

There was actually one TIM account that turned out to be a troll, a really really convincing one. His username was about killing terfs, I think. The last post was one pinned to his profile, and finally came clean after like a year of posting on reddit. His goal with that post was to expose these people. He said how he often threatened “terfs” with harsh violence (reallllllyyyy sick shit that no woman could come up with that I don’t care to repeat here) and it would always receive massive upvotes from TIMs/trans people, and he never ever got in trouble for it from reddit, or hell, any pushback from the trans community.

(I’m glad it turned out to be a troll, because the stuff he posted was BAD, but it’s even more troubling that people upvoted that shit.)

I’m gonna go try to find his profile



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I sure hope not. We have the the arguments and receipts to win this, no need to copy despicable TRA behaviour.