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The mask doesn't cover the Neanderthal browline and Adam's apple though

Many men have caveman brow hair and browlines, indeed!!! I’ve NEVER seen them on a woman though, even if she has thick hair and a unibrow, it would never be of a caveman or cavewoman.

Men’s skulls (and rest of their skeletons) are SO different from females. It’s how anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, forensic doctors, etc know the difference as soon as they even see the pelvis!!

I feel like its more a European male thing. They have very strong brows and jaws and surprisingly large necks. Back home its not as prevalent.

What does “back home” mean in your context? Just curious.

And I suppose you’re likely right... considering that having Neanderthal DNA is definitely mostly a European (and apparently Asian, according to the article) thing?

Hmm. You’ve given me food for thought. It also explains why I don’t really notice that feature on males besides mostly white men as much. At least the cavebrow (lolol) part. I notice big jaws and heads with almost all men.

I know that Neanderthals ‘bred’ with humans at one point, and now many ancestry DNA tests test for the presence of that, lol.