I can clock a TIM with a mask on in seconds lol it’s everything about them that screams male. Their brow , eye shape , eyebrow thickness , hairline, hands , tendon size , bone size , torso length, arm length, hips, thigh shape, shoe size, gait, voice, even the smell of them is different. To think they have the world fooled by wearing a small piece of fabric that only covers a 1/2 of their face is delusional.

😄 Plus the hands don't lie no matter how many press on nails they wear.

Yep, if anything, that just draws more attention to how huge and obviously male they are! It’s like 10 neon signs that say, “look at my giant man hands.”

Disclaimer: women having large hands is not bad, though. I’m not saying women having large hands is “mannish” of them — only men.

seems like a self-burn, no?

edit: apparently I didn't take in the title when I read it XD

Totally is one. Like at least half the posts on that subreddit are self-burns, and I couldn’t help but loudly cackle at this one. 😆 It’s like, how are they this self-aware, but haven’t realized the truth yet?

Maybe they are secret terves trying to spread the truth?

There was actually one TIM account that turned out to be a troll, a really really convincing one. His username was about killing terfs, I think. The last post was one pinned to his profile, and finally came clean after like a year of posting on reddit. His goal with that post was to expose these people. He said how he often threatened “terfs” with harsh violence (reallllllyyyy sick shit that no woman could come up with that I don’t care to repeat here) and it would always receive massive upvotes from TIMs/trans people, and he never ever got in trouble for it from reddit, or hell, any pushback from the trans community.

(I’m glad it turned out to be a troll, because the stuff he posted was BAD, but it’s even more troubling that people upvoted that shit.)

I’m gonna go try to find his profile



[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 5 points

I sure hope not. We have the the arguments and receipts to win this, no need to copy despicable TRA behaviour.

[–] GCRadFem 8 points

By George! You’ve got it!

We always can spot them a mile away.

[–] GravyRoo 6 points Edited

Most the time it’s their giant brow bone and man hair line that give them away.

And the wide shoulders! And narrow hips! It's kind of hilarious that they think it's all about the face.

[–] ouvalemonde EmpressLadybrain 6 points

The mask doesn't cover the Neanderthal browline and Adam's apple though

Many men have caveman brow hair and browlines, indeed!!! I’ve NEVER seen them on a woman though, even if she has thick hair and a unibrow, it would never be of a caveman or cavewoman.

Men’s skulls (and rest of their skeletons) are SO different from females. It’s how anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, forensic doctors, etc know the difference as soon as they even see the pelvis!!

I feel like its more a European male thing. They have very strong brows and jaws and surprisingly large necks. Back home its not as prevalent.

What does “back home” mean in your context? Just curious.

And I suppose you’re likely right... considering that having Neanderthal DNA is definitely mostly a European (and apparently Asian, according to the article) thing?

Hmm. You’ve given me food for thought. It also explains why I don’t really notice that feature on males besides mostly white men as much. At least the cavebrow (lolol) part. I notice big jaws and heads with almost all men.

I know that Neanderthals ‘bred’ with humans at one point, and now many ancestry DNA tests test for the presence of that, lol.

A few months ago, my period started really early and I noticed it when I went to the bathroom in a drugstore. I went to the feminine products aisle, and there was a teenage girl asking about tampons to the employee. I didn't pay the employee any attention, I waited for them both to move, then the employee says "excuse me" in a very deep voice and turns around and I finally pay attention at his blond wig, fake nails, and sequin-covered mask which is covering most of his face. But I can still clearly see it's a middle-aged man in a wig, in addition to his huge body and hands. Tell me again how I'm supposed to be oblivious to this, exactly?

Omg... that poor teenage girl!!! Did she not sense it was a TIM, or what? And with that voice... I hate how most don’t even make any effort to make their voices sound higher; it’s almost like they enjoy making women feel uneasy and catch them off guard with their burly man voices. 🤔 (They do.)

If I saw that situation, I would’ve approached the girl in a different aisle and said I’m an actual female that has periods, not the man she talked to, and would answer any questions she felt comfortable asking.

I’m also sad that she didn’t have a mom or other older woman or even fellow teen girl friend to ask. I feel bad for girls in that situation... and many feel bad, uncomfortable, ashamed and embarrassed to even ask their female family members.

I felt really bad for her as well. There weren't very many employees nearby, I imagine he either asked her if she's looking for something, or she just asked him since she saw him there and there was no one else. I can't really say, since I had come over there right when he was helping her already.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 5 points

Sorry, Cayleiygh, mask doesn't hide your massive jaw and receding hairline.

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