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Men are demonized as these cruel creatures with no feelings.

Yes. Good.

This is so funny!! "Every gender is oppressed. For instance, women are expected to work for free while men are expected to make 100k per hour. It's tragic".

There needs to be a male movement to dismantle patriarchy that isn’t so MRA women hating. Sure, the patriarchy causes psychological harm to men, 100%, but this is a system that they created, so they can sort that shit out.

Ok but what is actually harmful to them? Because so far everything they claim that's harmful either doesn't exist or is a male reversal.

They get to feel all the feelings they want, all the time. The rest of us are forced to actually deal with it. Ukraine is being invaded because we're forced to deal with a man's frustrated, upset feelings on a global scale.

Why would someone made a movement against something thats positive for them?

Right?! I can't actually think of a single downside for men. All the things they claim they "can't" do are pure lies, I see men doing those things daily.

"Women are expected to work hard without compensation, but men are expected to work hard for compensation! At least as oppressive!"

Almost more! The poor menses, having to get up everyday go do their job and not cry about it like women. How do they do it?

Surely it's not too much compensation to ask that when they both get home, his designated woman takes care of all that house/food/children stuff while he gets to unwind and watch TV/play video games/putter with hobbies.

This is why equality is a useless term. Feminism was supposed to be about women’s liberation from patriarchal dominance and male violence. It wasn’t about equality, it was about freedom from the hierarchy that keeps us the objects of male entitlement.

Men as a class have all the power. They can fix whatever ‘equality’ problems they have. They have every opportunity and all the power to fix themselves. ‘Gender equality’ needs redefined back to what it was always intended to be about -liberating women, and NOTHING about men.

I'll team up with men on the basis of class when they're willing to actually take on doing something about the class-based issues that disadvantage them (too), but that issue seems to always be a bit of an afterthought when it comes to social justice issues, not a lot of billionaires making a big show of donating money to address that one and put it in the spotlight, wonder what the reason could possibly be for their oversight?

Also, who am I kidding, targeting class as an issue would mean these dudes would have to shift the target of their blame from women/feminists to wealthy, powerful men.

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A woman wrote this? It’s so nonsensical.

I believe it. Part of the reason men are where they are is because they have a legion of women putting them on a pedestal and taking the abuse.

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If she wants to wear typically female clothes what is it in her logic that makes her a man if it’s not “liking man things” is it wanting a muscular body? Plenty of TIFs don’t want that. Is it wanting to be referred to with male pronouns? Plenty of “trans men” use she and they still. What is it that universally makes TIFs men? Just saying that they want to be men isn’t an answer as I also wish I was 6 feet tall but that doesn’t mean I am.

Sums up the total oppression of women as: "women are paid less and expected to be mothers", says gender stereotyping is "unkind", and then goes on to fetishize a stereotypical kink/degrading feminine role/outfit.

Patriarchy has its cruelties for men that's for sure... That's for them to unravel.

How you get to from that to 'but I wanna wear a maid's dress' I don't know. I've spent plenty of time in the kink scene to have the view that any man who wants to wear a maids dress is a piece of shit. I confess to really enjoying one such dude writing about his fantasy becoming a reality and basically hating it. Yeah dude. Fetishising hard work kinda hard to do when you actually have to do the hard work!