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So Rowling isn't allowed to convey the beliefs of actual LGB's who have contacted her, but TRAs are allowed to speak for "most" or "all" members of that very same group who they haven't spoken to or asked what they think?

Got it.

The "vast majority" of "lesbians" in the "LGBTQ community" aren't lesbians at all. They are heterosexual men or bi/straight women. It's fine to use most/majority when it's true.

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Also, referring to "we've" as in the reader agrees or has seen your perspective is really bad. Like, lose your job bad. This shows how this was never journalism to begin with, it's an echo chamber of agreement between TRA's.

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I’m starting to realize that most of what we think is journalism is actually propaganda.

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Journalism is reverting back to the ages of "yellow journalism", and column pieces like this are proof. Instead of just making up stories for public interest like the old days of yellow journalism, the idea is now to target those on the right and left to get separate pieces of proof and information to fuel tribalism against each other, since it creates profit. I think we would be surprised with how much we all agree with.

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(Many of) The lesbians who are supportive of the movement are the same lesbians who are not on the forefront. They are well settled into long term relationships and have not been pressured to have sex with a penis person who claims to be a woman. These are out of touch women who don’t know the truth of what’s happening. Source: this is what I see with older lesbians I personally know IRL.

Edit. And to clarify, none of these lesbians have overlapping social circles. I know them all in different contexts.

I wonder how they know that. Have they done a scientific poll?

First question on that poll would have been "do you identify as a non-man who loves other non-man"

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Funny how it’s only pontificating when it’s a woman speaking against this cult.