we are only women when we ejaculate

Even in sex, we are only full humans when we do a mans job😂

Yes that's right girls! 90% of people suffer PMS and the average person menstruates for 2,280 days in their lifetime!

At first I assumed they want to include TiFs but strangely, when they release a statistic on female ejaculation (why?) they are magically able to use the word "women". But what about all those TiFs being excluded??? Strange, right?

(Yoppie make tampons/pads etc. These are the actual marketing images they are releasing on Insta/Twitter.)

This is so crazy! Are men not people?

And why would "ejaculation" matter at all regarding a tampon company?

woman physically can't ejaculate. We don't have any semen to ejaculate, so these statistics are completely useless.

It's so the ejaculating transwomxn will use their tampons to soak up their magical euphoric glittery princess girlcum and feel extra validated uwu

I just don’t…understand.

What does ejaculation have to do with periods? What does sex have to do with periods?

So, do women spend over 4500 days menstruating, or are women more than 90% of the human population?

Imagine looking your mother in the eye and calling her a bleeder.

These people despise women.

Or your daughter. That's what hit me. I have a young daughter and the idea of her being told, when she reaches puberty, that she is a "bleeder" is abhorrent.

"These people" are themselves women... what kind of a world are we in.

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What? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

I can't even process this. The only one of those "people" instead of "women" would have been appropriate was the last one, since obviously it could only be 10-50% of people ejaculating during sex since women don't ejaculate.

[ejaculate] VERB (of a man or male animal) eject semen from the body at the moment of sexual climax.

Glad to see an accurate definition come up.

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Bleeders is one of the worst terms out there. And their stats make no damn sense to boot eg do the vast majority of males also experience pms or are women almost all the population? Do women menstruate an average of 4560 days or 2280 eg are the people half male or are all the people female?, or do almost all people of both sexes menstruate for 30 or so years of their lives? What do they mean by ejaculate? Why the huge range?

Thank you. This is exceptional.

"We’re an open, straight talking and transparent brand that is trying to navigate the right language. We will continue to promote that discrimination prevents all people from having equal opportunities"

They are so straight-talking that they are unable to formulate a meaningful sentence. "navigate the right language"??? "continue to promote that discrimination prevents all people from having equal opportunities" ???????????

Fingers crossed that the vast majority of the women who menstruate see through this complete nonsense and refuse to spend their money on a brand which can't acknowledge that women menstruate.