Oh boy! Another self-hating Woke Female "unpacking" something for us, lol.

Dr. of Philosophy "She/Her" (per her bio) loves...... qualitative methodology (surprised anyone??)

If she is advocating for co-ed sports, trans women should compete on men's teams. Why is it the women's teams that transwomen have to play on? She is opposing sex segregation in sports by advocating for gender identity segregation in sports. It makes no sense.

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She's trying to say the only reason women were kept out of sports for so long and are segregated now is because men got jealous when women beat them. Complete clown show.

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There is a book, I think it’s called The Better Half (here) that looks at all the ways women are physically superior to men. It’s the areas you would expect for evolutionary reasons. Stamina, endurance, flexibility, immune system, and our higher fat storage that allows us to survive longer without food. None of them are strength. We can celebrate and appreciate the differences in our biology without trying to say we’re the same. 🙄🙄🙄

ETA: As a shout out to our superior stamina, here’s a woman who ran under a 6 minute mile the week before she gave birth because of a bet with her husband. Truly stunning, the real kind though.

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I obviously think this thread is ridiculous, but low key have you guys ever tried archery? If not, go do it. It’s really cheap to rent a bow and most ranges will show you how to shoot in about 15 minutes. Treat yourself. It’s insanely fun, an insanely good arm workout, and not nearly as hard as it looks. You’ll be an addict immediately.

Cost to rent a bow and be taught to shoot for the first time where I am (west coast US): $35

It really makes me sad when they twist history to suit their agenda. Please just leave that alone. Women deserve their history.

I misread that as "we should make all sports cool" and was a bit confused, as figure skating is already cool, even literally so ... and shooting is cool in the metaphorical sense, lol.

Ok, the example from figure skating is from the days when they didn't do any jumps. So yeah, what happened to Madge Syers sucked. But skating then and skating now are two completely different things.